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The 9 Biggest Secrets To Rank Higher On SERPs Finally Revealed

The 9 Biggest Secrets To Rank Higher On SERPs Finally RevealedIn the online world, the demand for your product/s services doesn’t chiefly depend on how good and cost-effective your products/services are. Then what it depends upon? Without any doubt, it depends on the visibility of your products/services. So, all in all, visibility is the chief determining factor of your sales.

To enhance your visibility, you need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Through professional Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon , whenever your audience looks for your products/services in a virtual world without mentioning your company’s name in particular, they will find your products/services on top of SERPs.

But I said through ‘professional’ SEO you can get this. Many amateur SEOs do not understand how search engines actually work and thus perform the things which actually harm their rankings and eventually inbound marketers have to scratch their heads on what to do.

But not to worry from now on, we have come up with the answers to those questions that most SEOs wrongly understand or answer and which play bigger roles in Search Engine Optimization.

We considered our duty to share these essential pieces of information with everyone. Moreover, we tried our best to simplify them to make them understandable to business owners.

1) What happens when you entered your query on Google?

Answer: The machines of Google start searching for the matching pages (which they have indexed) and try to provide you with the most relevant results. These results are based on more than 200 factors, and PageRank is the one amongst them. It determines the page’s essentiality depends on the inbound links. To know more, go to

All in all, try to make the quality of your content high as high determining inbound links are based on quality.

2) At what time your site/article will be get indexed by Google?

Answer: There is no definite time for this. Ensure you got a set a preferred domain and you have a sitemap for your site. These things help search engines to crawl and index your site/article. To know more, go to

What you have to look for?

As Google says it depends on many factors. So, as far as our knowledge is concerned it may take a number of days to a number of weeks to index your site/article. The 2 most chief determining factors are your domain’s age and the amount of traffic that comes to your site. The older your domain’s age is and the higher the amount of traffic on your site is the sooner your content will be indexed.

3) You’ve heard so much about crawling, what exactly it is?

Answer: This is done by Google spiders. Google uses a series of computers to crawl a lot of web pages. Google spiders work on an algorithm to find which and how many pages of a website to fetch data from. To know more, go to

What you have to look for?

Your content will be indexed and crawled if not you are using no follow links to hide your content from search spiders.

4) What do you mean by indexing?

Answer: Except for photos etc. Google can see to each of the pages it crawls to index them on a basis of On-Page elements and location etc.

What you have to look for?

Your alt tags, meta tags, description, etc. (all on-page elements) must be completely optimized for the keywords you want to rank higher on SERPs.

5) What is the role of the domain’s age?

Answer: This thing doesn’t play a big role, however, we can’t neglect this thing wholly.

What you have to look for?

Don’t expect to gain visibility in a night when you are introducing a new site. Wait for some time, do your best to gain backlinks through professional SEO.

6) What do you mean by keyword stuffing?

Answer: The process of enhancing ranking on SERPs by filling content with keywords can be said as keyword stuffing.

What you have to look for?

Sprinkle the right amount of keywords that look natural within your content. Try to write content that gives a good experience for your user. Do not overuse keywords for the sake of better rankings. As a matter of fact, you will only get penalized for this spammy practice.

7) What is the role of inbound links?

Answer: Amongst the list of 200 rank determining factors of Google, inbound links surpass all. Through clicking on these links users will land on your website. It can do wonders for your website’s visibility on SERPs.

What you have to look for?

Curate content which people like to share and of course give reference to it. Submit high-quality content to your blogs as well as on guest blogs, this is a great way to get inbound links. The more content you publish on a consistent basis the more chance will be there to get these essential links.

8) What do you mean by On-Page SEO?

Answer: The elements of a web page which are strategically implemented to enhance visibility on SERPs of given words/phrases.

What you have to look for?

Ensure the page’s content, alt text, title tags, etc. are thoroughly optimized for the concerned keywords you want to see on top of SERPs.

9) What can be the impact of duplicate content?

Answer: In the worst cases, the site can be entirely removed from SERPs and in the general cases your rankings will get a severe blow.

What you have to look for?

As Google is very strict on duplicacy of content, do not try to simply copy and paste content for the sake of blogging, etc.

Create original and high-quality content to give users a good experience and to relish long-term results. P.S. “Content is king”.

Original Source: Technians

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