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The Carpet Area Of A Property And Its Implementation Under RERA (Regulation And Development) Act

The real estate enterprise is full of jargon and specialized specifications. One of the most complicated and generally used terms while buying or seeking a house is the Carpet Area. A property’s value, be it household or commercial, or industrial, is set on its saleable area, besides categorized into the super built-up area, built-up section, and carpet area.

The carpet area of a flat is the portion enclosed within the walls of the unit. In simple terms, it is the actual usable area of a unit. After implementing the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA), it becomes obligatory for all builders to sell their homes according to the carpet area of the unit. Earlier, the developers used to decide the cost of the property based on built-up area and super built-up area.

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Carpet Area Defined
Under RERA Act

Inclusions As Well As The Exclusions Under Carpet Area Of The Property

It is essential to know all the areas covered in the carpet area of a flat. Following areas of a flat are calculated as the carpet area –

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Drawing room or Hall
  • Washrooms

While measuring the carpet area of a house, eliminate these places from the property –

  • Wall thickness
  • Utility areas such as a porch, terrace
  • Shaft area
  • Verandah

How Can You Calculate The Carpet Area Of A Property?

Each buyer must keep this in mind while calculating that the carpet area is 70 percent of the built-up area. For example, assume you have chosen a household unit with a built-up area of 4,000 sq ft; the carpet area of the unit would be 70 percent of 4,000 sq ft, which is equivalent to 2,800 sq ft.

Carpet area = 70 percent of the built-up area

Carpet area = 70 percent x 4,000 sq ft = 2,800 sq ft

Common Mistakes Those Are Usually Committed

It has been commonly perceived that homebuyers usually get confused about which areas of the flat are considered under the carpet area. Utility areas such as terraces and balconies are not incorporated in the carpet area. Not accounting or having an idea about the elimination of balconies as the carpet area of a house will end up getting a much smaller usable portion than you envisioned.

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Top Benefits For
The Homebuyers

The carpet area of the home differs from developer to property. The carpet area is about 60-80 percent of the built-up area of the property. 

One must ask the builder about the carpet area proportion to the built-up area as a property buyer. If you are hunting for a property, online or offline, you must note that the higher the carpet area ratio to the built-up area, the more the net available area is in the house.

To know more about the same, contact our team of expert lawyers who will guide you through any issue concerning carpet area or RERA (Regulation and Development) related regulations when purchasing a property.

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