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The Do’s & Don’ts of Using God Idols for Home Décor

The Do’s & Don’ts of Using God Idols for Home Décor

Homes all across the Indian subcontinent will hold god idols placed inside either as décor or assuming that the idols will serve them good fortune. From these idols of god, one is assured to be there in nearly every home. That is the idol of Lord Ganesh.

Said to draw in recognition, success & overall victory, brass Ganesha idol for home décor have perpetually been best sellers in the legendary Indian market space. But, what people don't acknowledge is that peculiar care demands to be chosen while placing these religious idols at home. This includes that of Lord Ganesha. So, let's do a prompt run-through of the dos & don'ts of Lord Ganesh statues & their position in one's home.

The Material – Yes, the material worked to craft the brass Ganpati idol for home is a huge part of where one should or cannot locate the deity. Various materials of Ganesh statues carry different forces that, in turn, have several outcomes overall. So, to produce life simple, we've listed the most common materials used and the rules that follow.


Brass – This particular material utilised to create Ganesh idols for home is said to draw joy & accomplishment to those who house them. However, this is hardly the predicament if the Idols are installed facing either the south, west or east. Northwest & Northeast are said to be counterproductive to the leadership of this idol.

Trunk Direction – This is something still the older peers seem to miss. If you stare at any Ganesh idol online or home, you will discover that at least 95% of them have lord Ganesha’s trunk facing left, not right. However, if you view at statues of Ganesh in temples, his trunk might be standing right. This is because idols with trunks facing right need strong prayers to draw in energies too powerful for one’s home. So, do present certain your Ganesh idols have trunks facing left, not right.

Greet Your Guests – It's not surprising to discover a brass ganesha idol for home placed at the entrance of one's home or still hotels & resorts. This is, of course, a determination of the leadership of Ganesh to draw prosperity into the lives of his adherents. However, while placing Ganesh idols at the entry, note that the idol's back should not be facing any room. This is said to decrease or reduce the powers of the idol. Therefore, if you proceed to the ought to room with the idols, install two idols back to back instead of one. You would have presumably recognised this custom of placing lord Ganesh statues before, and now you know why!

Everyone Relishes Their Space – No one desires to rub shoulders with someone else, be it in unrestricted walkways or public transport. But, of course, this covers the Lord himself. So, if you hold a cabinet or a combination of idols settled close to one another. It’s most beneficial if there is a gap of at least an inch between all idols. Confined placement is said to disgrace the capabilities of the idols.

Hopefully, when you buy a brass Ganesha Idol online or at a shop, you will associate the dos & Don’ts that arrive with it. 


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