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The First Step To Personal Branding - Understanding the "What" Of It

The First Step To Personal Branding - Understanding the "What" Of ItRT




There are various great pieces of content available online, various resources, which will give you some really awesome checklists of ways to building your personal brand. These are the resources that have helped me build my brand and continue to assist me in doing so. Right from social media channels that give you the freedom and much required platform to reach people all across the world, to influencers and persons with knowledge and expertise in their areas who help you chalk out plans on how to build your personal brand, the world of personal branding is your oyster. 

However, this is only the technical part of it. The how to's and the why's of it. The question you should ask yourself first when you are building your personal brand is: what? What is your personal brand? What is that you want people to see in you? What makes them listen to you? What is it that attracts them to you? 

To answer this question, you will need to delve a little deeper than just the marketing aspect of it. It has a slight spiritual aspect to it, if I may say so. 

In order to understand the what of it, you will need to delve deeper into your own self, your true capabilities, your true gifts. It is only from the knowledge of this will you gain the confidence and understanding of what you have to offer to the world, in your own unique manner. 

We often try to differentiate our services from that of others. We try to beat competition. Seldom do we realize that we are all born different, with different capabilities, which leaves us no other option but to offer unique capabilities to this world, in our own unique ways. Of course, we can allow ourselves to be inspired, but that does not change the fact that you have something in you which no one else has. 

Having a clear understanding of what we are 'super-duper' good at, will help us not only hone our skills even better but it will shine through our communications and networking activities. It will show as pure light, knowledge, and radiance that people will be attracted to and will want to learn more about. The process of uncovering the "What" is not only limited to what is it that differentiates you or what is it that you do well, but also what do other people stand to gain from it. When you answer these two questions, you are set for success. 

There is a deeper reason why you need to lay down this fundamental stone to success in your overall life and personal branding. Things do not come easy. There are a lot of issues and problems that creep into our lives, obstructing the way to achieving our aims and aspirations. These are the times when you feel you need to change your message and start looking for something new. But if you keep changing the message every time you face a problem, it is going to send some really mixed signals to your end consumer or people in your network. By giving it some time and finding the answer to the "What's" you will be sure of your calling, your capabilities, your understanding of yourself. This will help you keep on your path. You will then merely change your paths or channels of delivery, but not your message. 

Talk to yourself often, understand your gifts and capabilities and then start working on the image you want to create. For when you exude confidence in yourself and your true abilities and offerings, people will be attracted, they will believe, and they will trust you for what you say. 

14be0e3e.jpgHi, I am Proma Nautiyal. A content strategist and digital marketer, by profession. I like reading, a lot, and I like writing about my thoughts, experiences, and learnings and understanding of various subjects, ranging from matters of marketing, human behavior, spirituality, cosmos, and healing. I like dabbling in number of subjects as I believe the mind has no boundaries or barriers, and learning is perpetual. 

I thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and would appreciate your thoughts and comments on the piece. If you would like to read more of my writings, you can visit my website: and you might also enjoy my posts on beBee.

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Proma 🐝 Nautiyal

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Thank you for your comment and for the share, dear Lupita \ud83d\udc1d Reyes! :-)

Lupita 🐝 Reyes

3 years ago #2

Sharing! ✨

Lupita 🐝 Reyes

3 years ago #1

Great post dear Proma \ud83d\udc1d Nautiyal! Your brand is what you really are. Definitely!

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