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The Magnified Mobile Ecosystem Infographic

The Magnified Mobile Ecosystem Infographic

Today Gen Z comprises 32% of the total global population of 7.7 billion. Well, that’s a big number!

This generation will soon start working with some of the prominent brands, and some might even want to begin their entrepreneurial journey. The point is, these tech-savvy youngsters are born with mobiles in their hands, and they love to adopt new trends. By the time they will enter the corporate jungle, their needs and demands will be different from Gen X & Y.

As a visionary corporate leader, you are expected to be aware of the mobility adoption, new trends and future insights, which will have a direct correlation with your workforce. In short, you need to anticipate and think 10 years ahead of your time!

Businesses are seen transforming their digital strategy as the customers and employees are shifting their focus from mobile-first to mobile-only. The 21st-century organizations, employees, and customers are looking for a high level of connectivity, productivity, and performance.

To drive success for your stakeholders, you must understand the flow and direction of mobile technology trends, and ways to harness them in order to transform your business. Check out this infographic that talks about the current mobility adoption level, upcoming trends that are driving Gen Z and global businesses and the outlook that will define the mobility ecosystem in the future.

“J Scalefusion MDM

The Magnified Mobile Ecosystem
Adoption, Trends & Future Outlook

Global Mobility Adoption

Today's digrtal generation is shifting from Mobile Firs

1B 4.3B

Mobile Users op ie Internet Users


loT Endpoints.


5-Elements of Mobility that Ensure
Connectivity, Productivity, and Performance

e  ®

Devices Network Operating








The Game of DEVICES


Understanding the device market


42.21% 53.465% 4.33%

Smartphones Tablets

Global smartphones market share by manufacturers




Share of web traffic by devices

(412% (er ( 4.2% ) ¢)

Laptops & Desktops Mobile Phones Tablets Other Devices


A Network that Grows with Generations


1980 1990 2000 2010 2020
28 kbps 96 kbps 383 kbps 100 Mbps 10 Gbps
internet internet


Globalmobile 4.88
connections &
subscriptions of

Results in global
telecom spends of


Mobile Operating System
Market Share Worldwide





A Crowded Marketplace of

Mobile Applications

Global population of App stores

2.47M ( a | 0.48M
Google Play =) Amazon Appstore
18M 0.67M
Apple App store Windows phone


How App markets performed in 2018?

Top 5 App categories by download

Apple App Store Google Play Store

Games Games

#2 Photo & Video #2 Tools
Entertainment Entertainment

Utilities. Communication

Social Networking Photography


generated $365 B

Total Apps Downloads from total revenue of
App Store (30 B) & Google Play Store (75 B)


Connecting the Dots with Internet

Global digital population in 2019

A» 4.338 ° 3.93B
&< Active Internet users $ Active social media users

> 3.358 [&] 3.468

Unique mobile Active mobile social
internet users media users

The devices of different size and shape are getting smarter with internet.
Here is how the growth of internet of Things has been so far

2006 2016 2018 2020
Oe Js
2B 6.38B 8.48B 208B
Trends in Mobility

Understand how mobile technology adoption is shaping
the industries, businesses and consumers with these 5 trends.

5G Network


224 1.48B Add $2.2 T
Operators are investing 5G connections Global Economy
in 5G mobile or 5G fixed by 2025 Over Next 15 Years

wireless broadband

Internet of Things


23 57M
Units sold every Units shipped
minute in Q2,2019


Artificial Intelligence

amazon diexa

60,000+ 90,000+ 100M

Smart devices are Skills available Devices run Alexa
compatible with on Alexa

Mobile Commerce


197+M 100M $2078
People per month Users Use Amazon Total Revenue
globally visit Prime Globally
Amaz om on their




Augmented Reality

800M + 5M+ $1.2B
Downloads Daily Active Users Total Revenue
Future Outlook

How does mobile world will look like in 2022?

] 53) @®

5.7 B mobile users 550 M 5G subscnbers 28.5 Mbps average
mobile internet

a Do

260 M App downloads 1 Z will

ile payments



$4.6 T revenue c
from Mobile t
mobile payments services

ogies &


Are you ready to cope up with these trends?

See how

500+ businesses are alre.

4 Scalefusion MD




5 // www gsmaintedigence com

hootsuite com



www busine ssota




[www gsma com

Ips: [[waww researchandmarkets od L-501v00s- 2019-a-sunvey-of-the



Jassets /solsp/nitarecast high


sqhts_mobie/pdt/Giobal 2022 Forcast Highlights pdf

Ips: [[veww statista com/outiook/3 workdwidost market users.




umber -of-apps -avaiabie- n-leading-app-s totes)

Hitps //netmarketshare com/device-market-share

Original Source - [Infographic] The Magnified Mobile Ecosystem

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