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The role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the main contents for science fiction writers and moviemakers. Many sci-fi movies have a space in the mind of the sci-fi enthusiasts. Skynet and JARVIS are some of the main A.I names that the enthusiasts are familiar with. These examples portray that they can handle administrative works, entertain us human beings, and not forget the point that they can threaten human beings' existence. But, now, the development of technology has made such ideas of A.I seclude from the books and movies and are included in the field of Healthcare. Because of the advent of technology, they are now not threatening our existence but are lending their hands to improving the medical area. From making awareness of serious disease outbreaks to assisting the bus in discovering any new drug, this ultimate potential and capability of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare area are getting huge investments. It is also positively affecting the research of life science.

Artificial intelligence in Healthcare is a comparatively small area. The capability of technology may not be so understandable by the people, so softwares like Nemt dispatch software have been brought up in the market for people to get familiar with this procedure. Most of them are not familiar with this concept because they might lack knowledge about this technology. A.In this field, I can come out to be very useful and empirical for all the professionals and patients in this area. The NEMT dispatch software is one of the best examples of A.I in the medical field. It will help you in certain ways.

The role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The possibilities mentioned here are still about to be tried or have been tried only on some places like in the NEMT dispatch software. But, in the coming time, they will be polished and will be applied on larger scales.

1. Management of Data

Artificial Intelligence has great potential in the processing of data. This is the reason why AI-based software like the NEMT dispatch software is applied for managing, gathering, and storing clinical trial data. This arranged system will lend a great hand in the development or growth of new effective drugs.

2. Designing of the treatment plan

By going through the data thoroughly, informatively, and deeply, which cannot be done by any human being, the artificial intelligence healthcare solutions can help design the treatment plans individually for every patient.

3. Organized healthcare management

The most common problem amongst patients today is that they miss their doctor's appointment because of bad transportation services. The people who make it to the doctor on time have to wait for an ample amount of time. This is why, to find a perfect solution for these problems, you might go for an AI assistant of the healthcare system. This would help guide patients and analyze the time spent by them during their whole appointment journey. It can also help you recognize where the queue is shorter and which test will consume less time for every patient. By associating with NEMT dispatch software will help you get rides offered by big platforms like Uber. This systematic transportation algorithm will help you decide which healthcare facility will be more time manageable to visit and direct patients. This will help the patients in getting a better experience of Healthcare.

4. Monitoring of health

Health trackers have become very popular in these recent times. These trackers, when are associated with Artificial Intelligence, can convert into perfect medical assistants. They will share accurate reports on the health of the patient.

5. Consultations

AI based software like the NEMT dispatch software will help in processing the medical history of a patient and the patient's present health position. This can provide you with some online consultations and assist you as a virtual nurse.

6. Discovering future pandemics and outbreaks

The AI-based softwares will help you forecast the pandemic outbreaks that might happen in the future. For instance, in the Covid 19 situation, an AI company was the one to issue warnings about the spread of the pandemic. The AI software algorithm went all over through news reports and the reports of the outbreaks of animal diseases to detect the trend. AI softwares also helped in showing how the travel restrictions have limited the contagion’s spread. Many companies will invest in AI softwares after this pandemic because this will give them a better look into the upcoming outbreaks and help prepare better for everything.

7. Finding new connections amongst risks and diseases

AI softwares can gather and analyze details. It can recognize ways and derive trends in ways that humans can never do. It has the potential to astonish us with new connections in medicine. There have been many cases where AI-based softwares have discovered uncommon connections in medicine, and we will come across this technology once this spreads vastly.

8. Helps in the improvement of the working conditions of the healthcare professionals

AI softwares can lend a big hand in the betterment of healthcare professionals. Due to fake alarm calls, the workers have become almost desensitized to alarm signs. There are plenty of alarm calls in a day, in which almost 70% - 99% are false alarms. As the workers are already stressed with their work, the fake alarms make them miss small alarms requiring medical attention. Wouldn't it be amazing if the workers would only hear those 1% alarms requiring medical attention? The AI softwares do this perfectly. Its automatic reasoning system will help reduce the notifications that the workers receive up to 99%. This feature will perfectly assist in improving hospitals' work conditions so that the workers can pay attention to the cases that are actually in need of attention.

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Nitin Lahoti is the domain expert of healthcare transportation industry. He has 12+ years of experience in Design, Business Development and Startups. His expertise is in Product Ideation, UX/UI design, Startup consulting and mentoring. He prefers business readings and loves travelling.

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