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The Ultimate Guide For Quora Advertising

The Ultimate Guide For Quora AdvertisingQuora

A place to share knowledge and
better understand the world —Are you an advertiser looking out for an affordable marketplace with a large cooperative audience? Then Seo Agency in Gurgaon will recommend a platform like Quora would be an ideal one for you and it is an effective one for marketing. Quora is a well-known and leading community platform where people visit daily to ask questions and read answers they look out for. Advertising on Quora would make you reachable to millions of people who keep looking at the Quora platform to get answers to many questions that are specific to their domain. Advertise on Quora to get real and cooperative audiences and you are sure for conversion. Also, third-party ads are a significant area of digital marketing. Quora is a popular community engagement and this platform gives answers to various questions. Apart from being a platform for finding answers, Quora has the main feature. Advertise on Quora is a new feature and even though advertising on Quora is not popular, few companies like Shopify and Mulesoft have invested in advertising on Quora.

The main function of Quora is its self-serving question and answers and a platform for information. Many people enter the Quora platform for finding information regarding products, companies, and industry. Quora deals with information from multiple domains, be it healthcare, academic, or any business topics. As it is a wide platform of information, you can find any kind of information on the Quora platform. It is also an ad platform for the public and the benefits of advertising on Quora are enormous, generating huge income per month. We will discuss the benefits of advertising on Quora a little later in this article.

Few reasons to advertise on Quora are mentioned below:

1. Reach Out To Decision Makers

Many people make use of the Quora Platform to perform research on their domain. Quora is the best platform to be available for them and assist them through the decision-making process.

2. Many Audiences

Quora has many audiences across the globe and about 300 million per month of new visitors. Users are also highly educated.

3. Brand Protection

Quora users create their real profiles with proper identities and its policies implement civil discourse. This means that advertising on Quora will be exhibited coupled with superior content.

Advertise on Quora today.


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Advertise on Quora today 

Image source: Quora

4. High User Intent

Quora users have proved high intent based on the content they read. We provide many targeting options where you could target your ads to the right audience and at the right time providing the right message.

Ways to
advertise on Quora

Let us
discuss the steps to advertise on the Quora platform.

1. Account Creation

This is the initial step for advertising on Quora. Create an account and immediately after that, you would get access to Quora Advertising Manager. From here you can begin to post your ads. Quora’s account creation is shown in Image 1.



WwImage 1 –Account Creation on Quora Platform

2. Ad Creation

The next step after account creation for advertising on Quora is your ad creation. For this, you need to be ready with the following:

  • Choose your headline/tagline
  • Prepare and write a description text
  • Include URL of the landing page
  • Include your ad content and call-to-action button

It is ideal that you create your ad basis the topics, platform, and location and post it after that. For Quora ad creation, you can also import an already available ad, or you can create a fresh one. In case you need to create a fresh one, the parameters are shown in Image 2.

Select Targeting

Create New cr iro © ® Create a now ad set © import fom an existing ad set

Topics © | 6. vesting
Import and map keywords to topics
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Exchude locators anc guestons.

Ad Creation on Quora Platform

Once your ad creative is done, you can check the ad display using the preview ad-option and edit it as applicable.

3. Choose Your Target Audience

One main benefit of advertising on Quora is that you are free to choose your target audience based on various parameters like topics, locations, mobile or laptop devices, platforms, etc. You can also leave the location and be able to advertise on Quora without indicating a location. Having proper filters in place for the targeted audience is a simple step as shown in Image 3.

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Image 3 – Setting Target Audience on Quora Platform

To select a target audience, perform the following steps:

  • Choose the option select targeting option
  • Import from existing ad or create a new ad
  • Add tags for location, topics, platforms

4. Launch The Ad

When you advertise on Quora, the ads are executed based on the CPC model. So, prior to advertising on Quora, fix up your budget limit and then go ahead to launch the campaign. Once your campaign is ready, perform the following steps:

  • Provide a campaign name
  • Set the budget
  • Include Quora conversion pixel on your website
  • Configure the conversion pixel on your website to enable a view of performance
  • If you require to post your campaign immediately, you can enable that option or provide a start and end date for the execution of your campaign


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NETL IIIT ERLRImage 4 – Launching the Ad on Quora Platform

5. Performance Measure

Once the ad is created and launched, using conversion metrics you can launch your campaign. Using the reporting tool, you can measure the ad performance and check on the conversion rate. Conversion pixel helps you to measure your ad performance. You must configure the Quora conversion pixel for measuring performance. Adding conversion pixel to your website is done in the following steps as shown in Image 5.

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1.52mImage 5 – Measuring Performance on Quora Platform

6. Pay For The Results

One benefit of advertising on Quora is that you require to pay only for what you receive. This is a pay per click model; hence you require to pay only when a user clicks on your ad. In case your budget is limited, then you can pay the basis of your performance and as per your requirements. You can even set it for bid. Image 6 shows the way to place a bid for your ad.

Quora Ads Targeting Options


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® ® Interest Targeting

° th TargetingImage 6 – Placing Bid on Quora Platform

Benefits Of Advertising On Quora

1. Good Traffic

For any brand marketing, if you target Quora users you get to the community where the audiences are truly interested in what you discuss here. This way your website traffic would be a quality one and probability to get conversion easily.

Good Traffic

Quora at a Glance


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300M+ Millions 43/57



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Mobile Desktop Platform

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3/4 of visits 1/4 of visits of advertisers to
grow their business

Image source : Quora

2. Tons of Metrics

Quora provides metrics and reports on selected metrics. This is a great benefit of advertising on Quora. You can perform any kind of analysis with the reports.

3. Like Facebook And Google Ad Platforms

It is a fact that the Quora advertising platform is like Facebook and Google. As you are already acquainted with Facebook and Google, it would be easier to learn the Quora platform as you are already conversant with its features.

4. Huge Numbers

The chief goal of any advertising channel is to spread to maximum people. Advertising on Quora provides you a chance to have many people who frequently visit the Quora platform. As per the current statistics, it is estimated that the Quora platform has about 200 million new users per month. Hence, it is understood that it has diversified audiences to view your ads where all uses would come to this platform. The Quora platform is indeed a great interactive website and it is a great benefit to advertising on Quora.

5. Targeted Advertising

When there are many audiences on any platform, it is indeed beneficial. But it is more beneficial when you advertise to the right audience. Quora’s users are wide with respect to their domain and the audience enters this platform based on their interest. Hence, advertising on Quora would get you to be reachable to the targeted advertising. For example, if your ad is related to travel and tourism, you can browse the respective section and place your ad in that area. The targeted advertisement of the Quora platform is good for the advertisers who look for involved and dynamic audiences for their products and services marketing.

ad Business Name

Headline Sentence

Promoted by AdStage

Bring your search and social data together
Connecting marketers with their ad campaigns, tools, and reporting under one

Lear more at adstage.o &
h Body Text

CTA & Display URL

Image source : Quora

6. Engaged Audience

Yet another benefit for advertising on Quora is that you can set the audiences who are targeted and engaged. Users create their Quora profiles with their original identities and this platform has stringent policies. Using the stringent policies, you will be able to check that your posts and ads are displayed together with their good content. Also, in the Quora platform, you will be able to modify your ad content based on the audience to whom you want to be marketed. Audiences will be able to interact with the content.



What are the main differences between We
and Betterment?


What are the main
differences between
Wealthfront and

Wealth Management. Powered by Ar

IterigenceImage source : Twitter

7. Easy to Measure Outcomes

The main goal of advertising on the Quora platform is to increase the return on investment. Hence the metrics in this platform are consistent that provides the inputs to track conversions. The return on investment on this platform is measured with the ad manager feature. Using the conversion pixels, users can be able to track conversions. By integrating the conversion pixel with measurement partners, the conversions are measured. This platform provides many metrics and it is simple and easy to use. Whether your business is small or large, this platform is an ideal one to get good traffic quality at any location to the right audience for the right domain.

8. Ad Formatting

The text ads of the Quora platform has the following main components:

  • The Business name should have 30 characters
  • Headline sentence that should have 65 characters
  • Body text that should have 105 characters
  • Call-to-action
  • Display URL that should have about 30 characters

bb7465e4.pngImage source: Instapage

The components must strictly adhere to the character
span and this is seen in the standard of the ads.

Having discussed the benefits of advertising on Quora, let us move forward on the way the advertising on Quora works.

Working of Quora Advertising

generally enter the Quora platform to search for relevant and valuable
information. Hence you can easily advertise on Quora to get to the view of
users during the top part of the digital marketing funnel.

1. Self-Service Ads In Quora

  • By using the self-service
    a platform for ads in Quora, advertisers will be able to create the following:
    • Native ads
    • Text-based ads
    • Target users by segmenting them with their interests,
      location, or platform of usage like mobile, desktop, or both

When the ads are rolled out in this form, Quora need not take care of the workforce to sell and target ads. The revenue for advertising would grow on its own.

2. Quora’s Decision on Display Ads For The Apt Questions

  • Like the other social platforms, the topic for targeting is used to reach the audiences who prefer the ad offer. The special feature of Quora is that it organizes the questions and answers as per the specific topics. When this is organized, it becomes easier for this platform to decide and display the questions that match the ads being shown. As an outcome of this, a topic that is targeted naturally gets displayed on relevant question pages to make sure that it is customized to the viewer.

7035c296.pngImage source: Fusion Informatics

3. Get International With Quora

When Quora targets location-wise, advertisers should enter the zip codes, state, city, and countries. When the self-service ads are released, ads would be able to target globally. These ads were displayed in English only. But in the current scenario, Quora can display in any of the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Japanese

It is trying to expand the platform at the international level.


To conclude, Quora is a big ad platform for all and is constantly making many changes. They own their pixel that provides tracking. Quora advertising is highly targeted and it is no doubt great to advertise on the Quora platform.

Original Source: Technians

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