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Three Vital Principles of a Good Website Design

Your website is the great mouthpiece of your online venture. It is the platform that bridges the gap between the organization and the target web visitors. It is therefore imperative to design and develop the website in an appealing and professional manner so that it delivers results for which it is being designed and developed.

Three Vital Principles of a Good Website DesignJAY)

Good Website Design

However designing a good website is not just throwing loads of graphics and images on the screen, instead one has to consider three vital aspects before designing a professional and cutting edge website for the success of your online venture.

A professional Web Designing Company in Delhi; designs and develops a website that is attractive, well-optimized, functional, and user friendly. Such a firm has in-house well trained and professional web designers, who design the website considering 3 vital parameters or principles:

1. Content: Content is the king. The whole point of having a website is to spread information to the web users in the form of content be it text, pictures, videos, or graphics. The leading design firm first thinks of the content aspect before kick-starting the website design project. The leading firms have professional content writers; who weave informative, SEO optimized, and unique content that; draws the attention of the web audience to the site. They design the site to fit the content and never go the other way out. Also, the good firms refresh and update the content frequently as they very well know that the company will not get any repeat visitors if the content is the state and outdated, however impressive the site looks.

2. Accessibility: There is no point in content if people cannot access it. Also, the company will never want to limit access to those people fortunate enough to have the latest browsers and plugins with high-speed connections and with no additional requirements. The professional Website Designing Company in India; follow the laid down web standards by writing clean and browser friendly code. They test your website against web accessibility initiative guidelines.

3. Presentation: Presentation is closely related to certain areas of the accessibility issues. Professional designers make good use of the colors from both viewpoints. They know that too many colors make any site look un-coordinated and mess. So they stick to a few basic colors for text, backgrounds, logos, etc, and use varied shades of these colors to add depth. They also make sure that text color and background color are different to make the reading of the text nice and easy. Also, they refrain from using an array of varied fonts and stick to one or two all through the site. The designers are aware of which kind and size of fonts appeal to the users and thus incorporate those in the pan site.

A good website is a great virtual salesperson for your online business. A good website is always appreciated and liked not only by the target web visitors but also be the search engines and thus have a good amount of traffic.

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