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Tiger Family Videos from Kanha National Park in India

Tiger Family Videos from Kanha National Park in India

Tiger one of the most charismatic animal is the most photographed and filmed animal in the World. Here are a set of videos I made on the tiger while working as a naturalist at Kanha National Park in Central India.

The tiger road walk is an interesting sight. We encountered the tigress walking on the jungle road at Kanha. She was busy scent marking and smelling as she walked. Tigers spray pheromone mixed in urine on trees, leaves, grass, and rocks in the jungle. Chemical communication using sprays and olfactory apparatus is the main means of communication in the dense canopy and is extensively used by the big cats. 

Cubs remain under the care of their mother for a little more than years. By the time they are able to hunt and fend for themselves. This is the time for carving out their territory. The female tiger is a possessive mom and takes good care of her babies. Usually, she gives birth to four babies in the wild. 

Young sub-adults scale dimensions very fast and near the size of their mother. Some males grow bigger than their mom much before they separate.  In the video above we watch young tigers playfully fighting and wandering in the tall grass. The mother left them to hunt in the nearby jungle. 

Dominant Male tigers are huge and scale up to 250 kg in Central India. They attain maturity around four years and are at the peak of physical fitness. They may indulge in territorial wars to establish themselves in the forest. They are good fathers and protect their cubs and the mother from outsiders.  

 This is the video of a tigress with cubs planning to escape from a fence that partially covered a grassland in Kanha National Park. After a lot of searching the family eventually escaped from the grassland fenced to prevent overgrazing.  For more tiger videos watch Wild India Channel on YouTube. Subscribe to discover Indian Wildlife as experienced in Central Indian Reserves in the state of Madhya Pradesh. 

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Fay Vietmeier

1 year ago #1

@Uday Patel 

Magnificent creatures .. another reflection of God as the Master Architect & Creator !!

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