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I have three dimension

Front, Back, Up, Down, Left and Right

My fabric helps me to sustain in equilibrium

I am a matter being encapsulated in a design and being forced to follow a straight line affair

Time unlike me only possess a straight and single direction with its amazing endeavor!

I am a product of time

I enjoy a certain span of time to exist 

Within a certain time frame I blow my might

I am a product of an unending process

Where nature crafted a design to produce progeny

An inevitable condition to ensure my existence and hegemony

Since time immemorial an unique design

Propound in continuum and inspire me with an inherent capacity to align!

I only can make noise with a unique tune

I can convey my message to align with many to attune

Silence is nature's intriguing design to script obituary

I continuously struggle within my life span to uphold my superiority

I do believe I too can make huge cacophony

Only to disrupt my own scripted design to welcome disharmony

I alone diverse into two

A contradiction I confront in galore

Where I encourage unknowingly to obliterate myself from nature's floor

 Without leaving any clue!


I born in nature's floor with distinct character and class

I behave accordingly unlike other human from different class

The reflection I receive is certainly distinct

Even I could discriminate from other within my fraternity out of my instinct

How could I perceive?

What my cerebral will only reflect and receive

A matter's microscopic reflection 

Only make furor in my sensuality and its apparent expression

Which nature honestly produce to enable me to enjoy a telescopic revelation

I have no choice but to adduce

What nature enables to engulf my spectrum by virtue of its own produce

I merely a product of nature with a distinct nomenclature

Fighting against it only endorse my claim as human with a distinct signature!

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Pascal Derrien

Pascal Derrien

11 months ago #4

one of your most originals :-)

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Global Brand Ambassador

the art of poem, with the signature of Debasish

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Global Brand Ambassador

you certainly have a unique tune thank you for letting us enjoy your poetry Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder

Debasish Majumder

11 months ago #1

Javier \ud83d\udc1d CR

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