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Sellers of products make a trade cry

They need to sell their product to earn profits high

More the profits they make

More they are infused to enjoy more cake

Poor traders, how they could comprehend

Alacrity for bread, not cake, a regime being toppled

Hardly traders could envisage how people are preparing to express their rant

People alone having the prowess to decimate their centuries long construed brand

Market alone exist out of peoples desire and aspiration

If marketers failed to gauge and apprehend

They will surely script their obituary only to express their inability to sustain!


Seeking only profit is a sheer profanity

Ignoring labor which is prime for a product to reveal its feature and quality distinctly

Which only satiate our aspiration

An abstract form making all changes to happen with grand rendition

An intriguing dimension sheer invisible, paving the physical shape to happen

But making all difference to take place in human domain!


I wonder how long hoodwinking tendencies may sustain

To deceive majority with utter disdain

Humiliating majority by designing an ordain

Only to pave the way for sinister and mayhem

Triggering few to perform heist

I am amazed how long they could exist

It is truly intolerable of the arrogance of the self taught

I wish I NAD. I wisH I NAD


Who consider themselves as traders to design a social fabric only to rot!

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Louise Smith

11 months ago #7

TY @Debasish Majumder 

“There is no  beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger & unhappiness”  Gandhi


I used this word “tirade” a few days ago in a post

such an expressive word

so seldom used


It is getting harder & harder for ordinary people to live

Cost of surviving is soaring

The gap is ever widening


Trade & Business are necessary but what about equity ?


Big Biz & Media have increased their influence on the people of the whole world

If I had 75 billion USD (Gates), why would I need more ?

Power & Control

Prestige & Ego

Politics & Corruption


But what kind of life is that ?

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman

11 months ago #6

The “bread and butter” of a business is a vital component. Then comes the cake. Excellent piece, Debasish.

Fay Vietmeier

11 months ago #5

@Debasish Majumder 

I share you “tirade" .. Debasish 

You are always stirring the honey pot 🍯

Fay Vietmeier

11 months ago #4

🍯🍯@Jerry Fletcher 

Your comment is a bit poetic .. and I can understand it .. and find agreement.

In my view trade is desirable

..  and without profit ..

reinvestment is impossible


@Debasish Majumder 

“hoodwinking tendencies” are everywhere 

.. this “tendency” has ever plagued humanity .. 

“Hoodwinking tendencies” far exceeds TRADE


Loved the cartoon .. reminds me we that humans have this “tendency” to always want what the other guy has 


“Seeking only profit is a sheer profanity” 

this reminds me of a value I share here 

.. Love people and use money 

.. Don't use people and love money 



Jerry Fletcher

11 months ago #3

Debasish, As I've said before my ability to parse poetry is totally lacking. Are you saying that trade is not a good thing? Do you imply that labor is not rewarded suffciently?  In my view trade is desirable and without profit reinvestment is impossible. And so it goes.

John Rylance

11 months ago #2

As always a piece peppered with nuggets.

It's the mere trade (the bread and butter parts of a business) and the small profits that it brings that allows a trader to work on the cake and hopefully the icing that will bring in the larger profits.

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