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Tissue Imaging Market Global Growth Manufacturers 2021

The report is further furnished with the COVID-19 crisis and offers a precise understanding of the current market scenario. The pandemic has disrupted the market dynamics and changed the patterns of consumer behavior and trends. The report further analyses the changes and offers a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry. 

The global tissue imaging market is projected to be worth USD 27.32 Billion by 2027, according to a current analysis by Emergen Research. The tissue imaging market is observing high demand attributed to growing incidence of chronic diseases. The swiftly growing burden of chronic diseases across the globe are fueling the market growth. According to the statics released by WHO (World Health Organization), the burden of chronic diseases is projected to grow by 57.0% by the year 2020 from 2001. Developing nations are expected to be highly impacted, contributing to 60.0% of the global burden of chronic diseases.

An increase in healthcare expenditure and increased funding for healthcare R&D are significantly driving the tissue imaging market growth.  The healthcare expenditure in the US reached USD 3.60 trillion in 2018, an increase of 4.6% from the previous years. This rise in spending is, to some extent, faster as compared to the increase in 2017 from 2016.

Key Highlights From The Report


In March 2019, Abcam PLC signed a collaborative agreement with Visikol, a CRO emphasized on drug discovery advancement, for the development of new kits and reagents for enhanced tissue 3D imaging and clearing.

In situ hybridization provides several benefits encompassing imaging and diagnosis of frozen tissues, along with its application in combination with immunohistochemistry for research and analysis of protein and mRNA.

According the statistics published by the American Cancer Society, male population in the age group of 65 years or above are 66.0% more likely to suffering from prostate cancer. Further, prostate cancer is the second leading cancer accountable for American men mortality.

Pharmaceutical Companies held a significant share of tissue imaging market in 2019 due to wide spread of tissue imaging in the drug development process and other analytical processes.

The rapid rise of the tissue imaging market demand in the Asia Pacific region is due to the rising incidence of chronic and infectious conditions, flourishing pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, and a rise in research and development activities associated with imaging procedures in the region.

Key participants include Abcam PLC, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Becton, Dickinson, and Company, Fluidigm Corporation, Abbott Laboratories, Agilent Technologies, Biocare Medical, Danaher Corporation, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., and Nikon Corporation, among others.

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Trends and Highlights

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