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Top 10 Alternatives for Zed Run

Zed Run, the Popular NFT gaming platform promoting digital horse racing  hits the news headline after selling 30 million worth NFTs. It is the blockchain based game built on the top of Polygon that supports WETH, meaning that the users need to load WETH alone to participate in racing.

Zed Run is amazing gaming platform but certain things makes users to think about other alternatives that provides similar gaming experience just like Zed Run.


An Exclusive Guide On Top Alterantives Of Zed Run —_



Top NFT Game Alternatives

Axie Infinity
Gods Unchained
Tron Village
Eggies World
Aftermath Island
Magic Academy
TRONtopia – A New Era
Dragon 7

Being the Best NFT gaming platform development company, Bitdeal provides all kinds of  fine solutions and in the row, We provide Zed Run Clone Script which resembles the features and functionalities of Zed Run. The prominent thing to note down here is the we provide customizable script, so that one can alter it entirely based upon their own wish.

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