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Top 10 Applications Of Aerial Work Platform Equipments

An Aerial Work Platform is Exclusively for taking workers to the difficult workspace, where we can not use other types of equipment to reach those heights vertically and horizontally. Sometimes it may demand work at maximum heights, narrow spaces, with the help of boom lift, scissor lift and other equipment, those will help workers can work safely and quickly.

This article describes the top 10 applications of aerial work platform equipments like boom lift and scissor lift.

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Applications Of Aerial Work Platform

boom lift or scissor lift are mainly used in the following industries

1. Construction

2. Maintenance

3. Oil & Gas

4. Mining

5. Inspection

6. Installation

7. Media Leisure

8. Power Industries

9. Cleaning

10. Painting


1. Construction:


The construction industry is the core of an Aerial work platform where we can use these equipments frequently to reach the workspace.

The image shows how a boom lift makes an easy and comfortable workspace even at the top edges. This saves the lives and the time of the projects. For any type of construction works like building construction, plant or water irrigation project. 

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2. Maintenance

Aerial lifts are widely used for the maintenance of various industries.

Boom lifts are used in the steel industry for steel erection maintenance.

Port industry used boom lifts for ship maintenance

Boom lifts and scissor lifts are used for roofing and cladding of maintenance in the construction industry  




3. Uses Of Aerial Lifts in the Oil & Gas Sector


In India Oil & Gas projects are increasing rapidly, and proportionally the need for aerial work platform equipment. The boom lifts, telehandlers, and scissor lifts are used in These can be used for drilling rig construction, positioning and moving pipelines, etc. Aerial lifts can handle the construction, productivity, and safe operations of drilling rigs and pipelines.

4. Aerial Lifts For Mining Industry



The aerial lifts are used for lifting and installation applications in mines of the low, medium, and large profile tunnels. The boom lifts and scissor lifts convert difficult job site conditions to an easy work environment.

5. Aerial Lifts For Building Inspection



Aerial equipment lifts are used for the building inspection to perform quality checks, roofing, plumbing, and mechanical checks. Due to this we can make 100% quality and can identify every minor mistake.


6. Aerial Lifts For Installation


In big buildings like factories, offices, or malls the installation of AC services, or lighting and other electrical work installation is very difficult. Aerial lifts like boom lifts or electrical scissor lifts made zero damage to the infrastructure of the building, fast in time, and 100% safety to the employee who is doing the installation.

7. Media Leisure


The Media industries film, television, and sports frequently use aerial lifts like boom lifts can be used to hang the lights from 30 to 120 ft heights, making sets in maximum heights and stadiums for lighting and maintenance.

8. Power & Energy

Aerial lifts play a vital role in the power and energy sector. Boom lifts are used for moving and fixing the pipelines for electricity also used in power distribution sectors for cabling and electric tower construction.


9. Cleaning Industry 


Without aerial lifts, we cannot imagine the cleaning industry in this decade. That is how the aerial work platform and cleaning industry. among all boom lifts are widely used in exterior cleaning, window washing, statue cleaning, and roof cleaning as shown in the below images

10. Painting


As we discuss cleaning, the painting industry also the same. Aerial platform and paint industry are inseparable, both work together for the safe, and in-time completion.

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This article describes the top 10 applications of aerial work platform equipments like boom lift and scissor lift.