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Top 10 Features of Angular 8

Top 10 Features of Angular 8Angular 8

Angular 8 Features


What's new in Angular 8.0?

In the first quarter of 2019, Google launched Angular 8 which was much awaited by the community, the expectations were really high for Angular 8 as it was initially said that Angular 10 will be the final version of the framework. The skyrocketed hype demands huge performance improvements in Angular 8 which was quite matched with mainly focusing on the toolchain and also making Angular easier for users to create different types of application along with other performance improvements.

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What’s new in Angular 8?

With backward compatibility and support, this release confirms that the new Angular 8 version is much lighter, faster and easier. Now, Angular 8 supports the TypeScript version 3.4. So, with the help of the new TypeScript version, it is quite easy to code with faster subsequent build with the incremental flag, type checking for global this, and generic type arguments.

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  • Bazel Support

In Angular 8, Google introduced another build tool called Bazel that they have been using for a while and now this tool is released as an open-source utility. Bazel came as an opt-in option with Angular 8 so it is pretty evident that it is not ready for angular 8 yet and is expected to be included in the Angular CLI in version 9. Anticipated benefits of using this tool,

  • Faster build time, although It normally takes time for the first build but will take less time for the concurrent builds.

  • We are now able to build the application as an incremental build and deploy the war files.

  • TypeScript 3.4.x Support

Angular 8 supports the TypeScript 3.4 or above version although the updates will be pushed to applications if automatic updates aren’t restricted. So, if you want to use Angular 8 for application development, then you need to first upgrade the TypeScript to 3.4 or above. Google has tested Angular 8 on more than 600+ in-house projects to ensure there is backward compatibility so that the projects already running doesn’t require patch-ups.

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  • Ivy Rendering Engine

Ivy is the new Angular Compiler and tool that acts as a new rendering pipeline. The benefit of Ivy is that it generates considerably small bundles and can perform incremental compilation easily but how it does that.

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