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Top 10 Most Effective & Proven B2B Lead Generation Strategies For 2021

Top 10 Most Effective & Proven B2B Lead Generation Strategies For 2021B2B Lead

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H =:Getting a lead for any business is quite challenging. It is not just a random person. All you need here is to get people’s attention, provide information and value of your products and services to prove that your service will help people. Generating quality leads becomes the backbone for any B2B business and is the main focus of the marketing strategy. A strong B2B marketing strategy ensures that you maintain steady growth in the business. Before we discuss the various lead generation strategies for B2B, let us know what is B2B lead generation. 

B2B lead generation is the process to identify ideal and potential customers for your business products and services. The process also involves attracting customers to purchase, as well. For any B2B sales and marketing team, this is an essential component to focus on. The business marketing team should focus on placing the appropriate B2B lead generation strategies that are ideal for business. The team can also get in touch with an Pay Per Click Services in Gurgaon so that the business gets the right leads.

Let us now discuss the various effective B2B lead generation strategies for marketing.

  • Content Marketing – The essential B2B lead generation strategy lies in content marketing. Content marketing is undoubtedly the ideal and best source for B2B leads. Here, companies can share interesting content to share like videos, articles, etc. For successful content marketing, you need to perform intensive research on the content being projected, the language, content that readers prefer, etc. Understand your target group and provide high-quality content. Target group helps with your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is all about increasing page views so that potential leads will come across your website through search engines. Also, SEO can be one of the best marketing tools for any business. When your SEO gains success, you will gain customers as well. So, ensure that you have the best strategy that ensures you get more customers and keep them as well.

c2b57d0c.jpgImage Source: Entrepreneur

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) – Yet another lead generation strategy for B2B is PPC. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get results. PPC is useful when you are aware of the target audience. Also, many people make use of Adblock so they might not see clickable ads or banners. You can post ads through various online channels. Google Adwords is mostly used, and this platform allows you to post an ad across the Google network. The various routes that you can take for posting ads are:

    • The Search Network – The ads that display during Google search are mostly at the top of the search results. Search intent is already available.

    • The Display Network – The ads are displayed across various websites, and these websites have agreed to permit Google to serve the ads to the visitors. These are usually visual ads and can be created using the visual ad generator. 

Image Source: Digital Vidya

  • Social Media Marketing – Social media is a platform where you can place your lead generation process as this platform has a more targeted approach to get leads. Most of marketers use social networks for getting leads and believe that it is an effective platform to get more leads. Social media is a platform where businesses and brands can engage with potential customers. Social media marketing is also effective these days as the majority of the world’s population do have an account on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Ads on these platforms are highly targeted as you can set up various parameters regarding gender, age, location, etc. You can generate many potential leads through social media marketing but takes time and requires a lot of effort. 

4d7c7b06.jpgImage Source: MN2S

  • Use ‘Out-of-Stock’ As An Opportunity – When your products are out of stock, you tend to lose customers. But you can turn this into an opportunity. Instead of just displaying the ‘Out of Stock’, you can include a form to capture their email address or place a button that says ‘Notify me when the stock is back’. This way, you can connect with them when the stock is back. In case you are aware as to when the stock would be back, include a timer that would count down to the expected date of your product arrival. So, customers who are looking to purchase the product would get benefited from this.

  • More Social Shares – Viral marketing has been a great marketing tactic that uses social sharing to increase leads for your business. In this kind of marketing, the marketer asks for a share to increase the audience. This way, your content will go viral. Once you produce great content, you can go in for viral marketing. You can also include any offers for people to share. When you use offers and bonuses, you tend to become a trusted influence in your domain. 

626f4ee6.jpgImage Source: Adweek

  • Create Email List – An email list is an essential strategy for B2B lead generation and provides a way for the customers to join the salespeople and marketers. The old methodology of ‘Sign up for newsletter’ would not work anymore as nobody prefers to read the newsletter. People prefer personalized content that meets specific requirements and interests. It is seen in various social media ads, conversion-based, and content marketing.

b74dd0e1.jpgImage Source: Envato

  • Popups – Popups are either loved or hated by people. Even though people don’t prefer popup, it works, especially in the case of personalized popups. You need to get the point that customers prefer to get guidance as to where they need to go and not to get blocked from reading your content. A few websites would block their customers to view their content to expand their opt-in. Also, many websites have more than one popup, and this is not an ideal way to gain loyal customers. When any business tries to build customer relationships, there will be an increase in sign-ups that leads to conversions and sales.

  • FOMO To Increase Conversion Rate – Yet another tactic for B2B lead generation is to apply scarcity. Most people want to have what is not available. So, you need to place it wisely. Visitors will capture any false offers quickly. So, make use of scarcity carefully. A few situations where you can make use of scarcity are:

    • When you have a limited offer on a product.

    • In the case of a webinar, when there are a few seats available.

    • When a product is falling short.

  • Cold Emails – Cold emails are hard as you will not have any prior relationship with the person or other business. So, for any email, you need to have the first impression well. A few things that would fetch you more leads from cold emails are:

    • Include creativity in your email content like memes, gifs, etc. to attract people.

    • Include humor that would go a long way.

    • Get to the point straight instead of spinning on the wheel. 

    • Send a minimum of two follows up emails that would give you a better chance of notice. 

  • Backlinks – Backlinks are an excellent way to get more leads. Placing your website link on any other website is called a backlink. That is when a trusted website refers customers to your website. A few ways to create backlinks and gain trust from some other websites are:

    • Create blogs for other companies.

    • Have your content shared by other websites.

    • Get a resource page for your website.

    • Provide infographics.

    • Create fantastic content where people would prefer to link to. 

Image Source: Backlinko


B2B lead generation is challenging as you cannot implement someone’s strategy. A strategy that works well for a business might not be feasible for the other business. Every business should find out the strategy that works well, and the necessary and efficient lead generation comes from the content created. Like said ‘Content is the King’.

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