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Top 5 Mobile Apps with the Best UX

Top 5 Mobile Apps with the Best UX

While new technologies have emerged and redefined the way we code, one thing that still remains consistent is a great user experience (UX). Mobile applications with simple and intuitive UX delight most users anticipating their every need. You may relate an app with “how convenient it is to use” or “how quickly it works” but you seldom notice its seamless UX.

Custom mobile apps with exceptional UX outlast their competition and stay ahead. To illustrate our point, we’ve compiled a list of top 5 mobile applications with the best user experience.

UBER- The first of its kind to deliver flawless experience, UBER makes it easy for users to book a ride on smartphones. It prompts users to enter the pickup or drop-off location (select from a list of places if reordering), call/message the driver en-route and leave a quick reminder for the driver’s feedback once the ride is over. The entire experience is so smooth that people love it.

SLACK- A slick app for workplace communication, Slack offers a quick and easy approach to onboarding. Developers at Slack have offered great attention to details with pleasant loading messages, mobile sign-on link, and more. The entire UX has proven to be of immense help in the platform’s growth over the years.

CANVA- A platform that lets you quickly edit, revise colors and design cool graphics on a smartphone, Canva is an excellent choice for non-designers. It’s simple and intuitive interface allows you to download designs and share them with ease.

MEDIUM- The mobile app offers a seamless user experience to readers with its quick-to-use search function, legible font choice and more. Medium has always been about content and the application has ensured that the experience stays true to its users.

DROPBOX- Saving and sharing your important files is now easier thanks to Dropbox. With its immaculate design, the mobile app allows you to view/upload files almost effortlessly. Plus, the unique hand-drawn illustrations look pleasant.

Premium user experience requires work and isn’t an overnight success. It must be incorporated as an integral part of strategic planning for custom mobile app development. To get a better idea of how to enhance your mobile app user experience, ask the experts at FATbit Technologies.

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