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Top Backend Frameworks for Web Application Development

Top Backend Frameworks for Web Application Development

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Top Back End Development
Frameworks in 2019


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Top Back-end Frameworks for Web Application Development. The backend web frameworks comprise of languages and tools utilized in server-side programming in a web application development condition. The way to the effective back end development of web applications is picking the right stack, adapting new databases and programming languages and understanding the server engineering too.

Top 7 Backend Web Development Frameworks in 2019

1. Django Framework

A free, open-source backend web development framework, Django is broadly utilized for the quick development of APIs and top of the line backend web applications. The Django framework underpins the brisk development of backend web applications with less coding. The productivity of this Python web development framework is demonstrated from the way that it is utilized by the absolute busiest applications on the web.


  • Highly customizable

  • Explained documentation

  • The popular tool with extensive community

  • Clear and defined MVC organization

2. Ruby on Rails Framework

This is a standout amongst the most famous web frameworks composed utilizing the Ruby programming language and executed on Linux. Discharged in 2004, Ruby on Rails is a free, open-source MVC backend web development framework. Ruby has dependably been viewed as a standout amongst the most designer cordial dialects and the Rails framework consolidates the capacities of Ruby language. This framework furnishes designers with pre-characterized answers to performing dull errands. It underpins super-quick development and offers pretty much every segment that an engineer searches for in a propelled framework. It has been utilized to fabricate the backend of eminent applications, for example, GitHub, Airbnb, Shopify, and Zendesk.


  • Good conventions

  • A number of plugins available

  • VPS hosting service

  • Massive community

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3. Flask Framework

Flask is the most famous and lightweight Python web application development microarray that does not utilize tools or libraries. It is a standout amongst the best web frameworks for running web applications through incorporated gadgets. With Unicode-based help and broad documentation, it lessens assignments for software engineers and task examiners.


  • Flexibility

  • Maximum resources

  • Complete Documentation

  • Build a quick prototype easily

4. Spring Boot Framework

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