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Top Mobile App Trends that Define the Success of Your App

Since they got introduced in 2008, mobile app trends have impeccably changed. As per the forecast from Statista report in 2017, mobile users have downloaded 178.1 billion apps on their devices and that figure is expected to shoot up to 258.2 billion in 2022. 

With the continuously evolving mobile landscape and increased use of technologies in custom mobile app development, improving customer engagement and empowering the brand is not a difficult task for the SMBs and large enterprises. To understand the significance of a mobile app for businesses, it's necessary to consider the current trends and future of the mobile app market. Let’s quickly review them one by one:

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Mobile App

Development Trends In 2020
User Experience Outweighs All -  As the mobile app markets are highly dominated by a flurry of social media, entertainment, and eCommerce, the biggies are Facebook, Youtube, and Amazon but that did not stop new players from entering into the mobile app market. In the future, app security and optimization will gain more emphasis. Google is setting out effective guidelines that require developers to optimize their apps and it will eventually lead to more refined and elevated user experience.

Optimum Mobile Securit - Due to the increasing threat of cyber attacks and the kind of damage they can inflict, the need to offer enhanced security is highly popular in the mobile app market. No matter how advanced a certain technology is, an app will have no value if it can't guarantee the total security of the user’s data. 

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