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Top Sheet Metal Components Manufacturer in India


Sheet Metal Components Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in Mumbai, India. 

Nandigram Metal Industries is one of the largest Sheet Metal Components Manufacturers in India. We are considered as one of the pioneer organizations engaged in Importing & Exporting a very huge quantity of Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Components. Our Sheet Metal Components are made of superior quality raw materials and also have a very long life. These Sheet Metal Components are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, forms, materials, and dimensions, and can also be customized as per the needs of our customers. 


Types of Sheet Metal Components

  • Sheet Metal Pressed Components
  • Galvanized Sheet Metal Components
  • Stamped Steel Parts
  • Heat Sinks


Application and Uses of Sheet Metal Components

We design and manufacture Sheet Metal Components for applications in power, processing, and instrumentation. In designing a system incorporating pipe fittings, it is the designer’s or user’s obligation and responsibility to determine the appropriate fittings to be used for each application and to ensure proper installation and maintenance.

  • It is used in Textile machinery
  • It is used in the Oil and gas industry
  • It is used in Medical Gas Pipeline Systems
  • It is used in Pharmaceutical processing industry
  • It is used in Fluid piping.
  • It is used in Modern architecture.
  • It is used in Water waste projects.

Sheet Metal Components Manufacturers & Exporters in India:– Nandigram Metal

Our high-quality Sheet Metal Components, sensible client service, and in-house Sheet Metal Components processing capabilities have made us one of the emerging and leading suppliers for Sheet Metal Components in India. We have shipments going to various countries every month, with the increasing clientele we export 2 containers of Sheet Metal Components to new locations and ports every month. 

For more info visit:  Sheet Metal Components Manufacturers in India


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