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Top Skill Sets That An Advance Level Drupal Developers 'Must' Have


Drupal is a leading CMS for businesses of all types and sizes. Many companies are optimistic that the CMS will evolve and expand in tandem with their company as a solid and robust open-source platform. However, you need to hire an advanced-level web developer who is well-versed in the Drupal framework.

So, how do you find a developer with these skill sets? What are the skills you need to look for while hiring an advanced-level Drupal developer? An advanced-level Drupal developer should be aware of the skills necessary to design a site that matches or exceeds your expectations.

When interviewing potential Drupal developers, you can go over the skills they have to give and how those skills translate to Drupal. To make it simpler for you, we have prepared a list of few key skills your developer should know. As a result, you should prepare to employ a Drupal developer ready to design the ideal Drupal website for your requirements.

A Strong Knowledge of PHP & PHP Frameworks

While several developers can sail from one CMS to the next, primary coding languages need to be familiar to the developer to work with Drupal. As Drupal 7 gets created with PHP and Drupal 8 is constructed with Symfony (a PHP framework), you need to have working experience with PHP and PHP frameworks.

The customized production of Drupal also relies on MySQL and JQuery information. MySQL understanding is required to set up your Drupal database, while JQuery (javaScript library), primary DOM, occurrences, effects, and AJAX functions are simpler to do.

experience Installing & Building Drupal Modules

Drupal modules enable you to incorporate a wide range of third-party resources and tools into your site. As a result, your web page will serve as both a portal for accessing all of your most commonly used resources from a single location and a more highly personalized tool for your website visitors to use.

In addition to installation, your developer should be able to create modules. If you have an application with no modules in mind, the developer needs to develop a personalized module for you.

Debugging & Updating a Drupal Site

Aside from knowing how to use Git version control, Drupal developers should find bugs in their code as they write it. At the same time, no developer can spot any errors or issues while coding, the correction of mistakes will save time and prevent further problems during coding processes.

Although debugging during the development phase is beneficial, fixing bugs after the site goes live is critical. Not all Drupal developers provide post-launch maintenance, but those who do will make it much easier to ensure that your site is bug-free, up to date, and provides the best user experience for your users.

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