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Towards the Future of AI Supercomputers


In recent years, the field of Artificial Intelligence has grown tremendously with many companies now offering cloud computing services that allow data to be stored in multiple locations without requiring any additional hardware. Companies such as IBM have long led the way in this field with their Cognitive Computing architecture that is responsible for many of the advances we see today. However, there is a wide range of AI hardware choices out there, a rapidly growing and diverse range of AI cloud applications, and different data center choices for powering AI hardware. One company that has been making announcements recently regarding its forthcoming cloud based technology is Pivotal. This company is one of the best known names in the industry when it comes to providing Artificial Intelligence based solutions and has long been researching ways to make large databases of information accessible to the wide variety of machines now in use. If you are interested in Pivotal's offerings, you will want to keep reading to find out why this artificial intelligence database company is so exciting.


Pivotal's cloud services take various forms, ranging from basic, to advanced, to completely distributed artificial intelligence systems that are capable of running on a wide variety of hardware platforms. Pivotal's mission is to provide their customers with the best available artificial intelligence solutions for running their computing workloads in the cloud. The company claims that it has developed a variety of technologies that can be used by machine learning developers to rapidly scale their artificial intelligence database workloads. It is these database workloads that are likely to drive the growth of Pivotal into the cloud in the coming years.


Perhaps one of the most interesting segments of Pivotal's cloud services is its initiative called the Machine Learning Cloud. This initiative targets two very important categories of customers; those companies that are heavily relying on Hadoop and Spark, and businesses that have yet to put machine learning workloads on the server. By taking advantage of these two highly advanced and expensive technologies, these companies will be able to leverage their own supercomputers to run their applications. This is not only a very clever business strategy, but it is also a very promising one.

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Typically, Hadoop and Spark are used for processing large sets of data, as well as for batch processing workloads. Typically, many companies choose to use a Hadoop cluster in order to save on server costs. As these clusters become more complex and they begin to use more powerful hardware, storing terabytes of data becomes an expensive proposition. By leveraging a Pivotal AI system, these companies will be able to run these applications in the cloud, saving both server board costs, and reducing capital expenditures related to the Hadoop architecture.


Another set of industries that have made great strides recently in terms of deployment of their workloads in the clouds have been the manufacturing industry. In particular, the manufacturers of industrial robots have seen great improvements in their decision making process, while improving the quality of the end result that they produce. The primary reason for this is the implementation of artificial intelligence into the programming of robots. By leveraging artificial intelligence, which is also known as deep learning, engineers and technicians can now program these machines to work in a manner befitting specific work responsibilities.


When talking about the future of business, it is important to discuss what this means for consumers. Basically, consumers will no longer need to buy PCs that will themselves perform very specific tasks. Rather, all of the workloads of these machines will be handled by the Pivotal AI supercomputer cloud computing architecture that will be available in the cloud. As these workloads decrease, the overall performance of the PC will increase, as will the price tag. If you are a consumer looking to replace your current machine, you may want to take a look at what an HPCP system can do for you. You may find that it is exactly what you need to take your workloads to the next level.

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