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In our naked eye

Milky way with numerous stars only dare to vie

They possess their own lights and glow

Dazzles human spectrum with an enigmatic blow

Sometimes twinkle, sometimes in emphatic glow

Having their own lights to attract our visions flow

Stars shapes appear only to bemuse us

We are marooned only to eulogize by virtue of reflection in our cerebral in chorus!

In our human social fabric

Innumerable amounts of people appear with their stunning trick

Their influences engulf us

We do appreciate them and christened as stars in chorus!

They live long in human history

Appear as cult by our scripted glory

We aspire to reach on them

Though they are fair distant from human's frame

Sometimes we may land in moon

Not able to reach the destination they exist with their delectable  tune!

Stars do have immense impact in human cerebral

Sometimes we consider them as toxic

For their influence on us with intense flavor which is exotic and phenomenal

I wonder are they conscious they are toxic

Causing mayhem to many with their ability which is quixotic

They render beauty fueled by their inherent duty

We just behold to their dazzling paramountcy

Toxic is the concept being designed by human

For which only it appears to cause sheer mayhem

Toxic and non-toxic activity

Varies among many who may consider them to serve the self-interests

Of few who are only obsessed for their contenting hegemony

It is the time and space

Which turns toxic into non-toxic with grace!

But for myriad

Stars are boon, bring bliss

Paving the way for many to navigate

Lights it emits only inspire them for solace

Not being intimidated by the eventual prey of black hole

Tryst with destiny stars script with grand protocol!

I love the stars gesture

Where it evidently declare

If one point may focus on me

Rest points reprimand its sole accountability!

The beauty of stars lie on its manifestation in celestial fabric

Whether toxic or non-toxic

It is truly exotic


To usher human beings and engulfs us with an euphoria which is ecstatic!

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Ali Anani

3 years ago #4

`Thank you dear Debasish Majumder for writing this lovely poem. It reminds me of my recent buzz on toxic stars. Amazingly, I wanted to highlight the same line that Pascal Derrien highlighted in his previous comment#4. This is a topic that merits our attention.

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #3

I REALLY like that bit ''They live long in human history, Appear as cult by our scripted glory'' :-)

Debasish Majumder

3 years ago #2

thank you very much Renoy George for your warm appreciation. i am honored.

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