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I am confused with R.N.A., D.N.A., and other configuring array

These play the determining role in our nomenclature

As human we are in utter bizarre fray

Trigger us to act with an intriguing role

To make furor in this planet Earth with hyperbole

At the helm of our physical structure

Lies brain, the most mystic constituent with an amazing stature

I wonder in the tyranny of time the only revelation

Science termed amygdala is responsible for its prime location

Technology tend to unveil and declare its intriguing charisma

I wonder how artificial intelligence will work to conquer and cause a revolutionary melodrama!

Left, right, a command we are conversant to abide

Two opposite feature we tend to synchronize

In two geographical hemispheres both amazingly work with reverse stride

Always there is a contradiction who may claim their pride

As supreme and superior

And to prove one surely is comparing to other is inferior

Only nature hides her smirk

We mere creatures unable to fathom her trick

It is the universe which determines all laws

Behind the curtain it only plays with her crucial clause!

We are now performing lobotomy

Precision and perfection is our only aspiration and vanity

We try to explore our brains internal signals

How neurotransmitters and work at random with what snarls

Myriad of devices we continuously invent

Only to gauge ostensibly it translates to vent

Perhaps not knowing how we restricting its inherent trend

That only usher human civilization to progress with an amazing trend

Yet we owe to science and technology

It only paves the way for us to unfold numerous complex synchronicity

Still I am in doubt

Are not we beckoning our abrupt extinction from this planet in loud?

Apparently we cannot observe at the same moment

Left, right, top, bottom, high, low and lateral or linear movement

Which plays and in what magnitude to foment

How we are forced to remain dormant or to act as torment

Really the motion alone an enigma

We all are being moved with an impetus to promote jubilation or anathema

Duality is always clouded us with serendipity

Debility or agility we hardly can gauge out of its ostensible propensity

Like Phoenix we continuously emerge from non-existent to a vibrant entity

What a symphony we alone human can enjoy only in our brain

It alone navigate us in a process of innovation train

To declare we human alone are the species on Earth

To remain as champion who is never be in dearth!

TRAIN OF BRAIN!It’s called
It's how people
install new
software into

x their brains.
h we wi

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Lyon Brave

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Jerry Fletcher

2 years ago #3

Debasish, All I can add is: And so it goes...

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