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Winter, summer, autumn and spring

Seasons make huge impact in our cerebrum with intriguing fling

Induces us to move and proliferate with unique rhythm

Clear blue sky, above and high

Blue construe glue by its lovely hue, we often resort it to express our sigh

Nature’s bosom is our ultimate solace; we sought for it and cry

Enable us to form a bonding in our societal fabric

We dance in gay for nature’s appealing trick!

Green woods in spring renewed its leaves

Change its presentation with unique innovative shift

Nature alone adorn herself with myriad hue to soothe human spectrum

Offering with her amazing gifts at random

Birds cry, bees buzz

Nature declares her unique entity in vociferous

Flora and fauna truly a bounty

Declaring nature’s supremacy with sheer jaunty!

Of late we tend to ignore nature’s paramountcy and her gifts

We vehemently claim we alone can adorn ourselves and our ambiance

With manmade fiber, plastics to emulate nature’s natural picturesque

What an audacious trait we reveal with utter arrogance

By our self-=designed endeavor and ephemeral innovation

We human can only broach with sheer abortive expression!

Are we human not supreme?

Capable to replace nature’s resplendent expression and omnipotent regime

By our continuous exploration and innovative mechanism

We alone can claim we construe our own nature and environment and decorate it

We don’t care nature’s endowment and her exquisite gift.

By virtue of technology

We are capable to replace all human’s crafted ideology

We can manufacture even mass opinion

Technology alone having an inherent strength to promote itself as only champion

We can now yield out of our wish

We are now capable to produce artificial seeds

To satiate our caprice with ease

We can produce cloud to shed water to our designed breeds

Are not we supreme to uphold our creed

Where greed determines our trait, though we don’t feel low for our ignominious breed!

We are contented for our gestation

Evolution we hardly capable to assess which is too a natural expression

We may not able to aptly envisage

Nature too construes us and navigates our self-construed detrimental presage

Near future it only can help us

Restricts to obliterate all forms of life from nature’s floor in a fuss

Technology albeit a boon, it can also appear as bane

In an abrupt style it can slay all creatures and cause huge mayhem!

We do have past experience

How technology ruined our civilization, though sporadically but in haste

It alone having strength to initiate a catastrophe

Paving the way to extinct all creatures from Earth’s floor with an inconceivable atrophy  TYRANNY OF TECHNOLOGY, RUINING OUR PROGENY!

Gradually a cloud of dismay hovers on us

We unknowingly welcome our jeopardy and mistrust

And compromise with instant gain, profit and lucre, devoid of majority's trust

Toeing for few for their ignominy and unrestrained orgy to ingress majority

And force them to compensate with horrendous consequences in purview with sheer absurdity!

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