Debasish Majumder

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I just love U.S.A. I have no desire to visit there, but I am thrilled by their homeland history where feudalism being eclipsed out of the flavor of American struggle for independence, where from direct slave society there was an elevation, reaching to capitalist economy and society, which pave the utterances of myriad, virtually became an epitome of Justice, Liberty and Fraternity.

But, of late, the essence of feudal vices being emanated from their very core of social life is a grave concern for all who love freedom and liberty. I am worried that it may not lose their pristine essence of the land of liberty, for which many aspire to embark upon.

Across the world there is an emergence of an ambiance of hostility and intolerance and U.S.A. too becoming the worst prey of such infamy where the voices of dissent being equally gagged! I am afraid how come feudalism being so deeply ingrained in a society where freedom being uphold as the only paradigm to be emulated.

Presently the emergence of crony capitalism and their brazen nepotism is the cause of discontent and anger across the world. By virtue of social media and new media they are making their dominant presence across the world and the adverse impact of such media, causing a mass hysteria and paving the way for beckoning disaster to humanity is nowadays a major threat to world community. Plenty of people are dying owing to such ignominious effect of new media. Developed and developing nations, all are prone to such infamy of social media and new media.

I am in quandary whether internet is a boon or bane. By virtue of internet numerous insane are making cacophony and surprisingly many are falling into the prey of their fiendish devise, beckoning jeopardy to the global community and their nefarious traits are driving majority in peril. But, U.S.A., a land of opportunity how come somersaulted to a land of insecurity? People are feeling petrified to be deported at any moment. U.S.A. forgetting that many immigrants too dedicated for the well-being of U.S.A. and plenty Nobel Laureates are from the outside world who delivered their services for the U.S.A. as they are the torch bearer for humanity and thus made their distinction across the world. Their vision and mission are well regarded during Second World War. They introduced the mechanism for peace and thus U.NO., became a front line proponent of world peace came into surface. Unfortunately it has become moribund now!

However, the positive role being played by the U.S.A. cannot be overruled. But, presently the available ambiance is not at all favorable for the humanists to work. We are experiencing the detrimental effect of administrative mechanism and how it eclipsing the ordinary people with their lofty ideals, having no ground reality and only having the potentials to cause mayhem. I must express my solidarity and of course offer kudos to those brave hearts who are working tediously to uphold the flame of humanity even in all adverse circumstances when weather is also acting hostile to them.

I wonder, when we are advancing more to unveiled the enigma of nature by virtue of science and technology, how nature is too expressing her anger and making us utterly helpless. Is nature too having a vindictive attitude, not liking to recognize human endeavors to make her evident and easily predictable? On contrary, we cannot rule out of science and technology, we are trying to dominate her and our advancement (?) to obliterate many woods and rivers bringing anomaly and imbalance in our ecosystem resulting us to experience plenty of tumultuous situations we are responsible to beckon. We are now suspended in an ecosystem where osmosis of greed is engulfing us, making us literally blind, not to ponder about the majority and their livelihood.

I can only make a note:

It is greed which we only breed

Are we subjected to offer only writhe?

Noticing the long march of death

Is it the civilization we take pride at length

To prove we are only depraved?

One day our entire globe will turn into a death dome

The doom’s day is not very far from our permissible vision and ignominious role!

We adore few at the cost of many to make them cult

They are the causes for all our tumult

Still we adore them

Who are responsible for all our mayhem?

We still fantasize

It is the leader who can douse our all plight

We reckon him as messiah

How bankrupt we are, not having faith on our own inertia!


It is we who make all

Why should we offer credit to a singular’s brawl

Why we should hypnotized by its charisma

It is mere an imitation ornament

Backed by few lecherous greedy traits in vehement

Why can’t we discard these Haggard?

Who are entirely responsible for bringing infamy and disaster to humanity in ruckus?

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Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

3 years ago #10

That's a good point. Glassdoor is probably managed by people who don't understand how data works and how to display it reliable. Perhaps they ought to hire a (real) data scientist or something...

Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris

3 years ago #9

Perhaps it's best to discern between the noble ideal behind the US, that of a union reminiscent of the empire of the ancient Romans, and the manifestation of this ideal (or lack thereof) today. USA has great potential still, as a country where everyone can be a citizen of as long as he or she contributes to the whole and embraces its principles. Whether the current leadership of this country fails to channel this potential and even thwart it is another story. Despite all this, the US remains a great country that's just going through a phase. Hopefully, the latter will be only temporary...

Neil Smith

3 years ago #8

I find most online evaluation sites to be no more than a whingers forum where big pictures are sacrificed to petty complaints. The positive news is definitely drowned out. 

Neil Smith

3 years ago #7

One of the first things I learned about the USA was that it was a pointless task trying to put 360 million people into a simple descriptive box. Personally I see it as several countries in the same geographical location all with competing philosophies struggling constantly for supremacy. Currently one school of thought is in the ascendant but nothing is surer than that "This too shall pass". 


Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #5

I had s similar discussion in recruitment about Glassdoor who is the equivalent of TripAdvisor for companies I said the metric is biased and unrepresentative as only people who have a negative experience tend to highlight their time in the company it’s more retaliation frustration or even anger that motivate those individuals however sometimes it creates reputational damage

Best Buzz for today BEES!

I think Pascal Derrien expressed my opinion so well because we tend to highlight negativity. Customers who have complaints speak much louder and in greater numbers than satisfied customers. We spread darkness so that we also dim light.

Pascal Derrien

3 years ago #2

I am positive there are a lot of people on the ground in many states that are doing great things it is just that it is not broadcasted , the attention has been monopolized and polarized by agent orange which is probably very convenient as it does allow others to get on with their hidden agendas. The most dangerous ones are not always the ones we would be too easy

Jerry Fletcher

3 years ago #1

And hearts break all over the world as Fascism rears an ugly head.

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