Debasish Majumder

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I do possess the essence of legendary character of Shakespeare

Shylock, unfortunately becoming my destiny, clouded with utter despair

My only fault is I am stubborn to accrue

Which I reasonably consider I am entitled and due

When someone is causing impediment to my occupation and survival

Will I not express my anger and manifest my intention?

I crave too to exist in this planet with decency

I don’t require for surviving out of few eccentrics’ clemency

Continuously I became subjected to bigotry

As my religion does not align to the majority’s religious symmetry

They explicit brazenly their vengeance

Where chaos only manifest with ignominy with sheer prevalence

No longer bothering any gratitude, only adept to flare up communal amplitude

I feel utter helpless to get rid of such unwarranted jeopardy

Majority’s authority only proclaims with discordant note to intimidate minority with bare acrimony

Poor minority are being forced to endure only religious persecution

Minority hardly give any damn for any subsequent repercussion!

Centuries long a tendency predominant and prevail

Where strong decimate weak with their vile intentions of raving to goad with gaily tale

How many do really judge their expressions with reason

Chaos only emerge as champion by exhibition of arson

Minority’s entity or emotions, whether religion or sects are being forced to go for oblivion

Historical destiny being largely scripted by majority’s religious hegemony

Thus nature dictate and dominate by ushering huge social catastrophe

We do all follow blindly the direction of nature

Despite we are incapable to fathom in any available signature

We are actually fighting for our survival against nature

Unity in opposites are displaying a grand reciprocal episode

Like our feet’s movement in to and fro only to pave us to proliferate in galore!

Shakespeare do scripted the destiny of Shylock in his play

Where reasons having no role to relay

Only the blind vindictive notion

Engulfed majority, infused them to beckon only premonition

As blind as nature, not knowing consequences to emerge just to ensure only social deterioration!

I am confused whether it is a nature’s ploy

To construe an ecosystem by using its own creatures as toy

What a mystic nature alone craft

Where we human like all other creatures in nature are just dwarf!

I wonder when money lending and borrowing both will become abortive

None will remain to subscribe the practice and supportive

Human will thrive out of utter different narrative

Neither flesh, nor money may act as a tool for an available social fabric as decisive!

VICIOUS BUSINESS!When people $Y they can't s€€
anything good inyou

Hug them

Because Life can be very difficult

for the Blind

For humanity’s sake, we need neither Shylock nor Antonio

We cannot forget love is the sole ingredient for ensure bonding with unique crescendo

Authoritarianism, Oligarchy, Slave system or Monarchy

Exploitation is the only key to thrive all, devoid of any clemency

Poor souls irrespective of any profession

Whether in social strata or any social obligation

Unable to mend souls

As minority eclipsed them with their heinous protocols

Unknowingly welcoming a social upheaval

Where eventually majority’s souls emerge victorious and prevail

Scripting the history of their own

Where humanity only find its utterance to make decent tone!

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Jerry Fletcher

1 year ago #6

Debasish, I heard of anti-Muslim laws being passed in your neck of the world. You words here speak the thoughts I had at that announcement. The religion of a man or woman must be respected whether we agree with it or not. That being said we must put our faith in humanity not government to affect any change in belief. I mourn with you my friend. And so it goes.

Perfect title for your expressions of worldly frustrations.

Debasish Majumder

1 year ago #4

your terse comment always bears the testimony of your high frequency of intellect Pascal Derrien! i am privileged and honored for your comment and sharing. thank you very much.

Pascal Derrien

1 year ago #3

Vicious business the title says it all 🤔

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