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War and peace

The contradicting episode never to cease

It is necessary for war to establish peace

Sometimes it may make truce

Just to bemuse by acknowledging peace

Ordinary mass are being neglected since time immemorial

Only war memorials we are construing to satiate and control mass hysteria in revelation

It beckons many to camouflage only to inflate our treasury and make us jovial

What a fallacy we only can afford to produce and indulge

Without any reason we are triggered with intense emotional splurge

War and peace, are we capable to gauge what disaster it eventually pave to emerge?

I wonder why we can’t stop war

Why we should be a puppet of few who only crave and rave

To express their alacrity of only market and greed

Investment they only make with focus to breed

Using us as mere bait

To expose their nefarious trait

Yet their vile intention

Makes a difference with distinction

Out of their might

They indulge us to entangle in war with surmise

They will surely yield rich dividends to satiate their caprice

When people can truly abhor them

Who are only responsible for all catastrophes to mankind and mayhem?

War and peace

We resort for a resolution to ensure perpetual peace

How can we ordinary majority mass comprehend with their rhetoric axiom

Minority only make confusing dice to exploit us at random

It is the history of human civilization

Consisting all three motion

Up down, back forth and left right

Surely difficult to gauge its prevailing might

It is truly difficult to assess

Where we truly exist and excel

For whom we are acting

How they cash us for their convenience in a consistent string!

We have observed numerous pictures

Where women and children are the worst victims of such nefarious behaviors

How helpless their faces reveals

Do we possess any humane mind to extend our sincerity?

Can we claim we are truly engaged to save humanity?

Across the globe which is obvious with discerning atrocity!


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Ali Anani

3 years ago #1

Dear Debasish Majumder- your poems reflects your emotional states while writing them. In bit you were emotionally very charged when you wrote this superb poem "Without any reason we are triggered with intense emotion splurge War and peace, are we capable to gauge what disaster it eventually pave to emerge?"

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