Debasish Majumder

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Since centuries long the traditions of warfare

Where soldiers entangled in the battles write to their beloved

How much they are craving for the soothing company of their beloved

How much they are missing them even when they are breathing their last breathe

From swords, cannon and gun powder with brutal blood shed

Even in the nuclear war regime the scenario has not yet faded!

The souls are engaged in wars and its furious state

Being used as bait for the privileged devise to satiate

Glorifying wars and martyrs as the only significant claim

To retain themselves in the corridor of power with a deceptive fame

What a nefarious game

Only few can perceive and afford to cause huge mayhem!

For few eccentrics unrestrained appetite

Where market expansion with inordinate profit though trite

It is the only cry in spruce and sprite

Ordinary mass are forced to consume

They only having faith of their convenience only lies for handfuls alacrity for profit to resume

Poor people only helplessly assume

Their growth and existence lies chiefly on the hands of few

Whom they unfortunately presume!

Thus they unknowingly indulge themselves to go for astray

Sadly this is the only reality centuries long prevails in our historical travesty

I wonder who is responsible for such willful tapestry

How we are being forced to long

To glorify wars centuries long?


Soldiers who die in the battlefields

They are primarily from peasantry class, devoid of financial redundancy

Still they only are subjected to us the only fuel

Only to produce pictures of gruesome carnival

I wonder when this tendency will conclude

When the contradiction of armament and disarmament duality will perpetually diffuse

When the humanity only prevail on Earth with sheer prosperity

When our posterity do not have to be eclipsed with war ravages and ruinous proclivity!

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Pascal Derrien

2 years ago #8

We are animals violence whether we like it or not is part of our make up I guess how we manage to tame it will define us as humans :-)

well there is no need for wars when we are authentic thank you Debasish Majumder

Paul Walters

2 years ago #6

Debasish Majumder Thank you

The title says it all!

You touched my heart with sour feelings reading your poem dear Debasish Majumder. You well explained the inflated and frothy claims of pride and victory that cost humanity a lot. "Glorifying wars and martyrs as the only significant claim To retain themselves in the corridor of power with a deceptive fame"

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