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Human body is largely composed of water

Not only we survive due to this principal affair

It is the only constituent to ensure all forms of life on Earth's floor at rapture

We ourselves named it as life

Which only evidently manifests our jive

To translate our reflections and understandings of life

Water is composed of gases of two opposite characters

A dual they willingly repudiate in the available conditions in clatters

One is opposed to other in separate status

An amicable adjustment they make to maintain a status quo in grand hiatus

Enabling lives to proliferate in abundance on Earth's floor

Water too express its entity resolutely with huge uproar!

Human is the epicenter of all perception and images to make huge expressions

Where only nature produces honest reflections of her intriguing ramifications

There too water plays the crucial role

To channelize us to explore nature with her unending protocol

Lovely dice nature alone play

Where our brain is the only surface to express her fray!

Metabolism is the only process

Where water solutes all useless ingredients to excrete in order to ensure our entity and traits

All toxic elements are eliminated from our host body

In human body amazingly brain is the only provost to command our entire body fabric with supremacy!

Whether God or Ghost

Engulfs us with myriad note

None have any material or physical stature

But our brain produces its prevalence in confusing gesture

Haunts with sheer travesty

Where our bravery and sensible outcry being suppressed with irrational immodest spree

Forced us to bow

What brain only unknowingly bestow!

Our past do possess both facets

Godly as well Ghostly substances reflect in our cerebral with confusing states

Both keeps us in awe

Sometimes in gnaw, sometimes we unable to discriminate its flaw

Yet our brain decipher in its own style

Which suits few who are at the helm

Emphatically they uphold to align with few who can promote all mayhem

Just to satiate their self interests

They alone craft a new train

We ordinary poor mass

Are being forced to buy their intriguing fuss

They hardly care that we do possess brain and we too can chant in chorus

We no longer stick to few autocratic's view

We have the potentiality to make sensible uproar and a congenial milieu

It is in our inherent body politic

Where all substances could be soluble with an amazing trick!


The food we majority consume

It may lack the substances with elements for us to work with force and eventually resume

The strength to produce more

With reciprocal roar

Code of God or Ghost

Our brain discard both

But alas! we are largely engulfed by our past

Where majority's brain fail to declare in robust

Failing to gauge the energy which accelerate the progress of human civilization

Where religion trigger us to make camouflage with vengeance to prevail

Making science lame with its mystic presence

I wonder why can't we maneuver our impediment

Not allowing brain to evolve with huge potential to surge

Where Nitrogen, Carbon Di-oxide as well all harmful gases are being purged

If water can enable for the solutions to discharge

To keep the rhythm of body politic with grand charge

Brain is utterly an enigma

Where it subscribe with minority in what

Causing sheer anathema

For majority, not knowing its watery effect for such confusing charisma!

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Fay Vietmeier

2 years ago #3

Debasish Majumder From a swimmer who probably has a "watery brain" ... your thinking is so interesting ;~)

Debasish Majumder

2 years ago #2

Ian Weinberg

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