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What Are APIs, Web Services and Microservices?

What Are APIs, Web Services and Microservices?PAP Jd =


Developers have been using three major building blocks for the development of web apps, namely, APIs, Web Services, and Microservices. Some people are still unaware of the basic concept, usability and working of three different concepts. So today’s article is entirely dedicated to the individuals who have heard about these terms but are confused about the purpose each has.

Typically, a web application operates with three major components, that are, services, gateway, and controller.

Here, a gateway is a single entry point to the application. It is responsible for authentication, load balancing, monitoring, caching, static response handling and so on whenever a client-side wants to interact with the web application.

While a controller is like a manager that manages incoming requests, decides which worker should do the work, divides the work into smaller tasks, passes that work off, orchestrates the work and sends it back to the client.

The worker mentioned in the controller section is nonetheless the service that receives the request from the manager, figures out the algorithms or logic that will be used to complete the request, only responsible for the work allotted and returns the completed work to the manager.

API VS Web Services VS Microservices

Now with a clear understanding of how an application works, it’s time to get into the details of APIs, web services and Microservices so that you can clearly know the meaning of these terms that will come ahead and relate to it.

Basic Concepts to Understand API, Web Services & Microservices

Before we move ahead to understand these three terms, it will be helpful to acknowledge the components web applications have and how they work.

Now let’s assume you are developing a web application for shopping and for that you will need to add a product description page that will not only display the information related to the given product but also display a lot of other information including order history, customer reviews & ratings, low inventory warning, number of items in the cart, shipping options, other products recommendations and alternatives to the current product.

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