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What are the basic management styles?

What are the basic management styles?

While defining the career success, people mostly consider the tangible qualities such as the kind of work and the salary a manager draws. One critical factor that we tend to miss out is, the management styles. You need to understand how do you manage people and handle them in critical situations.


It is not wrong to say that the reputation of managers is going down. There are managers who are fear mongering, insensitive towards their team, mean and intimidating. These managers are the reasons for the bad reputation of the whole cadre.

However, we should also understand that the person might not be wrong but maybe he or she has adopted a different style of management to get the work done from the employees. If you are not being valued as a manager in your organization, here are some of the management styles you need to learn and adopt:

 1) Democratic: This is one of the best management styles where even the employees are involved in the decision-making process. The employees here are empowered and communication is flowed top to bottom and vice versa.

2) Visionary: A visionary manager is the one who directs his or her employees and inspires them to work according to his or her instructions. Once, the team goals are set and defined, these managers let the employees work on their own terms.

3)Persuasive: Persuasive manager is the one who controls the final decision of the team. Employees have the liberty to convince their managers but the final call is taken by the manager only.

4)Laissez-Fair: Completely opposite to an autocrat, a laissez fair manager allows the employees to take most of the decisions. Although the manager is always there to guide the employees. This kind of leadership is popular in start-ups.

It is important that you define your own management style and learn more about it to strive towards your leadership goals.

Article Source: Easy Management Notes

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