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What are the On-Page SEO Techniques and its Importance?

What are the On-Page SEO Techniques and its Importance?

What are the
On-Page SEO
Techniques and its Importance

Are you willing to increase your online presence? Have you developed a website? Well, that is not enough. Businesses fail in optimizing websites as per SEO. Most of the businesses opt for various off page SEO strategies such as content creation, blogs, articles, submissions, classifieds, etc. But only professionals recommend that simply working on off page SEO is not enough. SEO should be performed in both ways; on-page and off-page. 

To obtain excellent solutions through SEO campaigns, digital marketers should perform on-page SEO with great efficiency.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one in all the foremost vital aspects of web promoting. SEO may be a complicated technique involving a good variety of things that have an effect on your success. Businesses should understand how SEO works and also the completely different techniques that you simply will use so as to attain the results you're trying to find. This technique consists of a variety of online tools that you simply will utilize to enhance your website’s ranking within the leading search engines, as well as Google and Bing so that the website receives a lot of traffic. This way, businesses are able to generate a lot of leads and bolster your sales.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing your websites so as for search engines to seek out and register them properly. This is often done by ensuring that the content among the website is written specifically to incorporate sure keywords that are pertinent to your business and its audiences.

On-page search engine optimization includes all measures that are taken right from the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. It involves measures to optimize the content or to enhance the Meta description and title tags. On the other hand, off-page SEO refers to links and other signals.

On-page SEO techniques require businesses to use keywords in titles, tags, images, videos, etc. Every website has some images. How do you think Google understands what is the image about? Since it is not a text but a picture, Google needs a small tag in the form of explanation. These tags tell google crawlers about the content in the image or what is it related to. 

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Hemendra Singh

Important Aspects of SEO

  • Keyword choice:

Choosing the right keywords for your business is the most challenging and important task. Any mistake or ignorance in this stage can cause businesses to ineffective marketing campaigns. If the marketing campaigns are not giving the desired output then the cost involved is a waste. Hence it is essential for all businesses to understand the importance of keyword choice and placement.

The keywords chosen should be in line with the subject of the page. It must give a feeling of relevance. Besides, the keywords should be easily searchable. Make sure you are not using heavy words that are not searched by users. Also, keep in mind that the keywords should be easy to use and works within the text. 

In every SEO campaign, the marketers try to adjust the keywords in the content of website or articles/blogs. The keywords should work within that content and should not look like a mismatch.

Now comes the placement of keywords. Marketers should always keep the primary keywords in the titles and Meta descriptions. The secondary keywords can be stuffed in the content body. There are various parts of a web page where you can stuff the keywords- URL, Meta description, page title, image file names, body text, page heading h1, h2, image alt attributes, bold and italic text, etc. Each section has different priorities. 

On the basis of these priorities, the marketers place the primary and secondary keywords. Using primary keywords in URL would help improve your site’s rankings in SERPs.

  • Unique and useful content:

Content is the king. When we talk about online marketing, one thing is sure that unique content is never going out of trends. While writing content for your website, keep in mind the length of content. It should be of a decent length. The content must not be plagiarized. If a writer has copied the exact content from anywhere, then Google can penalize your website for plagiarism.

If the content of the website and articles are too short, plagiarized, or useless, then readers will get it and Google can penalize you! Moreover, the content should be relevant and simple for individuals to grasp. This can facilitate your website in varied ways. Better the content quality better the possibilities of individuals sharing and grasping it. This is often solely doable if the keywords you employ are relevant to your content.

The title, subheadings, descriptions and different highlighted text ought to be distinctive and will not go off-track. Also, ensure your website does not have too many things like long text and images so that it'll take too long to load. The content should be inbound and not promotional. People do not like to read promotional content. 

Google algorithms have great importance of unique content. The content should be interesting enough to increase customer loyalty.

  • Image alt text:

Placing your keyword or keyword phrase to the alt tag pictures sends Google a connectedness signal for your photos. If you’re unsure what an ALT tag is, it’s the hypertext markup language code that tells the viewer in text what the image is possessing. A well-created ALT text contributes to the page’s connectedness rating, moreover and to bring the exposure and meet up on image searches.

  • External and internal links:

Firstly, embrace a couple of “internal” links on the page to different pages on your own website. This strategy retains the user on your pages longer, and also provides them with additional helpful info. Google tracks how long users stay on your page and can think about your website. 

With the addition to internal links, use external links too. This helps Google to not solely classify what your page is concerning but it additionally sends signals to Google that your website is really attempting to produce quality content to the viewer. This gets your website “Brownie points” for being trustworthy and choked with quality.

Benefits of On-Page SEO

  • Getting organic traffic:

Link building in on-page SEO is a mechanical process. This process is not the only source to bring a high number of organic traffics. To achieve organic traffics, businesses need to adopt various on-page SEO tactics. Marketing professionals believe that it can help to get more organic traffic as compared to off page SEO. For effective on-page SEO solutions, businesses should find professional search engine optimization services provider.

  • Website accessibility:

The visitors to the website should be able to easily perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the website. Website accessibility is not only vital from the users’ perspective but also from a search engine point of view. Did you know that Google and other search engines offer special marks for creating an accessible and search engine friendly website? 

The website accessibility also covers other technical aspects of SEO such as redirections, canonicalization, dead pages, page response codes, warnings and much more. The Website Accessibility also emphasizes content areas such as titles, tags, descriptions, Meta’s, URLs, internal anchor text, etc.

  • Cost effective:

As mentioned earlier in this article, many businesses skip the on-page SEO program and directly jump on off-page SEO programs. This can make things difficult for them. Businesses need to put a huge effort into various off-page SEO techniques to get the best marketing outputs. However, investing time as well as cost on the on-page SEO techniques can get excellent results with perfection. Businesses can cut off time and money invested in off-page SEO by smartly investing in on-page SEO.

  • Permanent value:

On-page SEO is a one-time task. Businesses do not often change the content of website or images/videos used in websites. The URL, domain name, etc. are decided once. Hence businesses should consider on-page SEO at the time of website development. If ignored, businesses might have to redevelop websites.


SEO is a long process. On-page search engine optimization services offer excellent output that can help businesses achieve better ranking in less time.

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