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What is Adapter Design Pattern: A brief explanation

What is Adapter Design Pattern: A brief explanation


Concrete Component

What is Adapter
Design Pattern?


What is Adapter Design Pattern? Adapter Design Pattern is a structural design pattern that can somewhat be compared to real-life problems we face with plugs. Before we roll out the definition, let us think of a real-life example. If you have ever travelled and stopped by a hotel you might have needed an extra adapter to plug your phone’s or laptop’s charger into the hotel’s wall outlet. This especially happens when you travel to a foreign nation. So, what are the adapters? Adapters are connectors that change the plug shape to match the electrical outlet. This is exactly what the adapter design pattern does. The adapter design pattern’s purpose is to lay down criteria that make classes work together that could not otherwise because of incompatible interfaces. The intent is to convert the interface of one class into another interface so that it becomes compatible with what the client expects. The adapter is also known as wrapper. Let us see, what is adapter design pattern?

What is Adapter Design Pattern: A brief explanation

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As mentioned earlier, the adapter design pattern falls in the category of structural design patterns. Structural patterns are mainly concerned with the composition of classes and objects. They follow the inheritance principle of object-oriented paradigms. The adapter design pattern makes one interface conform to another, providing a uniform abstraction of different interfaces. So, how do we define – what is adapter design pattern?

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Putting everything together we have discussed so far – The adapter design pattern proposes a way to convert the interface of a class into another interface, whatever is expected by the client. Adapter Design Interface allows us to design our system in such a way that allows incompatible classes to work together. What is the motivation of object adapter design pattern? Why would we adhere to such a concept?

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