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What Is Subdomain

You must have heard about the subdomain, but have you ever seen a website created on the subdomain?
Today I will tell you what is subdomain and how through a subdomain you can create many multi-sites in your main site. First of all, let us know what is a subdomain? What is Sub Domain? Sub-domain means the domain linked to your main website domain name, we also call it a second-level domain. Now on this main site, you can create many subdomains such as – forum.sample.com, support.sample.com, help.sample.com, ask.sample.com. Now you must have understood what is Subdomain. Suppose you want to add a Support forum or Ask forum to your website, then you can create one through the Subdomain. Create Unlimited Subdomain Sites. All hosting providers offer you to create unlimited subdomains, which means you can create multi-sites. As you can create 25 subdomains in the basic plan of the Blue host, on the other hand, you can create unlimited subdomain sites in the popular plan. The sub-website that you will create is completely separate and there is no connection to your main site. You can create your own separate website in such a sub-domain, you can create a new site by installing Word Press in it. Let’s create a subdomain.


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