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What is Talc Powder and What are its uses?

Talc Powder is a mineral form of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. It is a substance that has slender fibers and quite soft. It is composed of hydrated magnesium silicate. It also contains some amount of magnesium oxide which makes it an alkaline mineral. It can be easily produced in powdery form by the interaction of different chemicals at high temperatures and high-pressure reactions. Talc Powder is a fine powder with a greasy smell and insipid taste. It has good water dispersibility, moisture retention, and lubrication properties. It also has strong absorption, which can mix with colloidal system liquid to generate heat after absorbing water and thereby make the product become softer and easier to use.


Acts as a Moisture Absorbent

The talc powder has a deep acting capacity as a moisture absorbent agent in the paint industry. The capacity of the talc powder that acts as a moisture absorbent agent is greater than that of calcite, while the cost is much lower than that of calcite. Anand Talc is an eminent Talc Powder Manufacturer In India.

Treat Bedsores

Get Talc powder from leading Talc Powder Suppliers In India, Anand Talc. Bedsores are a big problem in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Talc powder treatment is a great remedy for preventing and healing bedsores.

To Remove Grease Stains

Grease stains, which are usually from cooking, are very ugly and most of the time difficult to remove. Although, a mixture of talcum powder and water can do the trick. We are prominent Talc Powder Exporters In India.

Talc Powder for the paint industry

Talc Powder for the paint industry is a bit different from talc powder for other industries. People are using this powder to make their paints waterproof and also to make the paints’ surface look glossy. Talc powder has many more uses, like lubricants, soap making, paper making, plastics, and rubber manufacture, etc.


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