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How much does it cost to develop a mobile app like Zomato in India? You ask.

Depending on whom you ask, answers vary. If you ask an app development agency, the answers you’ll get are variations of these two themes. 

High-quality mobile apps require a large investment.

Low-budget for app development results in poor UX.

Is this right? Not absolutely. 

You can get your mobile app without upsetting your project budget. 

But before that, you need to know how much you can expect to spend. 

Here’s how you calculate the cost of developing an app. So we’re specific, let’s assume you want a food delivery app like Zomato.

What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Reliable App Development Team?


Cost Of Hiring A Reliable App Development Team


A team of professional app developers will:

  • Get things right first time
  • Get it done fast
  • Save you money

The cost of hiring a team will initially depend upon the services you need.

The ideal app development team should consist of:

  • A business analyst
  • Mobile app engineer
  • UI and UX designe
  • Quality Assurance engineers 
  • Project manager 

Their hourly or fixed rates depend on their experience.

*You may need more than one mobile app developer and UI/UX engineer on your team. 

Let’s get definite now. 

You can get a basic app for $2000 in India. In this app, you can expect:

  • Branded visuals
  • 2-factor log in
  • Push notifications
  • And one product-specific functionality (example: scheduling, for a salon’s app)
  • 1 year support 

Why Do You Need A Mobile App Development Cost Calculator?


Why Do You Need A Mobile App Development Cost Calculator? - aR


Why Do You Need A
Mobile App Development
Cost Calculator?


You see, so many variables that influence your app’s cost. 

  • The team you need
  • Where they’ll work from
  • Skill and experience of each team member
  • Complexity of the app
  • Platform
  • Level of support
  • Cost of web design

The brain can’t handle so many variables at once. You need a calculator. And you have it right here. 

We developed the Sphinx Solutions App Cost Calculator to:

  • Include all relevant cost parameters 
  • Instantly show a detailed cost breakdown
  • Tell you exactly how much you’ll spend on your app
  • Compel you to articulate the key design decisions for your app (like OS)
  • Understand how to talk to an app development company, so they can’t overcharge you

So, How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Zomato?


How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Zomato? - So, How Much Does
It Cost To Build An
App Like Zomato?


The complexity of your app’s features drives up the cost of development, obviously. 

Even the most basic apps require the following features. 

  • User login
  • Profile
  • Profile editing
  • In-app search options
  • In-app purchases
  • Payments
  • Chat/messaging
  • Multi-language support

For The Customers

Many highly successful food delivery apps like Zomato include complex or advanced features, such as 

  • Geolocation
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Payments Integration
  • Data Encryption
  • Real-Time Order/Delivery Tracking
  • Rating And Reviews Options
  • A 24×7 Customer Support Chat.

For Delivery Personnel 

  • Creating an app like Zomato will also require you to set up 
  • Separate UIs for the delivery service person
  • The delivery service person’s profile 
  • Updates for new delivery requirements 
  • Real-time alerts for new orders in the area
  • Multiple delivery management options
  • Google Maps integration.

For the Restaurants

Similarly, the restaurant should have access 

  • UI with options for profile creation 
  • Menu and order management
  • Promo and deals management
  • Real-time tracking of the delivery person.

For the Admin

The admin UI should be separate and must include –

  • Administrator Profile 
  • restaurant management
  • Customer management
  • Delivery tracking management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Complaint tracking
  • Commission management
  • Analysis and reporting options

You can get the near exact details of the cost from the app cost calculator- 

How Do I Estimate My Cost Of App Development?


Estimate My Cost Of App Development


Platforms used

The cost of designing an app for iOS is the highest, followed by Android.

You can choose between React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter for creating visually appealing and responsive apps. These are open-source UI software frameworks. Therefore they will not directly influence the cost.

However, Most app developers working with React Native, Flutter and Xamarin charge by the hour. The complexity of your app, and the total time necessary to complete the app design will directly influence the total app development cost.


An app isn’t a frozen piece of code. Every app must keep up with:

  • User expectations
  • Competitor apps
  • Security updates
  • OS updates

How much can you expect to spend on this maintenance, upkeep, and upgrades? 

That’s about 20% of the cost of the app development. This, of course, is best budged as an annual expense, not a one-time expense. . 

The type of your app

Currently, there are three types of apps:

Native Apps

These are single-platform apps such as iOS or Android. Their development cost is significantly lesser than the following types.

Web Apps

Around 80% of all businesses rely on web apps. Why? Because users prefer web apps. They don’t want to bloat their phones with 500 apps. If they don’t need to engage with your business everyday, they’d prefer a web app, not a permanent native app. 

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps have features of both native and web apps. They look like native apps, but they load rapidly. An experienced team of developers can create hybrid apps quickly and make the process cost-effective for your company.

App Hosting Fees

Similarly, for Android Apps, you will have to pay a one-time fee for opening an account and publishing the app. 

The cost of publishing an app on Google Playstore is significantly lower than iOS.

You’re Ready To Talk Business Now


Ready To Talk Business Now


 We hope this guide has equipped you with the basic information you need to handle a conversation with an app development company. 

Remember the basics. 

  • Understand what you want you app to accomplish. 
  • Identify a competitor’s app and tell your vendor to use it to prepare functional/technical specifications document before they estimat the price
  • Ask them specific questions
  • Use our app calculator to get a ballpark figure of how much you’ll pay for your app
  • Use the cost-breakup to negotiate with your vendor

All the best. 


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