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What makes 360 Customer View imperative?

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One of the biggest challenges for any B2B company is tracking its customer’s journey across multiple platforms together - which often leads to a fragmented and inconsistent customer experience. Less than 10% of companies understand how to use a 360-degree view for growth and only 5% are able to use a 360-degree view to methodically grow their businesses.

Challenge with various tools

Today most SaaS business deploy various tools like -supporttools for customer interactions and feedback, CRM for storing customer database and all sales activities, billing tools for billing etc that help gather information.

But the Challenge is that all these information resides in various different platforms and that is why the customer success managers have to keep hopping between the platforms and tools in order to get an entire view about the customer. Due to lack of full view, the Customer Success Manager is unable to get the full picture for proactive intervention. Hence it becomes essential that all  of this comes under one roof and this is where the customer helps.

What is a 360 Customer view?

Businesses need a 360-degree customer view to assist their customers. A 360-degree customer view gives exceptional insights into the present, past, and future. Companies can obtain an inclusive view of their customers by pulling data from various sources.
Here are reasons why 360 Customer View is imperative.

Why is 360 Customer View so important?

360 Customer View helps you access customers’ account information fast, understand their significances and preferences, and have an idea about their future needs.

Account Health 360 Features


Product Adoption

It helps you track product signals like frequency of usage, key usage milestones, license utilization to calculate product adoption health.


It helps you track financial signals such as revenue trend, due invoices amount, days since last revenue to calculate financial health.


Track critical unresolved tickets, frequency of new conversations and satisfaction score trends to calculate service health.


Track signals such as touch point frequency, recency of touch point, and touch point by channel to calculate relationship health.


No matter how small or big your company is, it’s vital to truly know the people you’re serving. That is why it’s essential to look beyond everyday conversations. By emerging a 360-degree view of your customers, you can aim at maximum customer success and deliver your best.

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