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Which ECM is right for you? On-Premise Or Cloud

Enterprise content management solution is of two types-on-premise and cloud-based. Here is a difference between these two prevalent types.

Enterprise Content Management ECM is a buzzword in the corporate world. From assisting companies to find the right data at the right time to provide secure access to critical corporate data. In today’s highly challenging business scenario, content management holds a key to success for enterprises irrespective of their size and scale. It can streamline the processes and reduce overheads while increasing productivity.

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These days, we have various document management systems available in the market. We can broadly classify them into on-premise and cloud-based systems. Let’s take an example of the Alfresco digital business platform. It is an undisputed leader in the ECM domain. When it comes to large enterprises, both cloud-based and on-premise ECM services are useful to make the most of a scalable and enterprise-grade solution.

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Content management in the cloud has gained popularity swiftly across the world. Gartner has found that 39% of companies have embraced ECM via a cloud model. From the perspectives of availability, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness, cloud technology has many benefits to offer. On the other hand, if companies want to keep complete control in their hands without worrying about the related operating costs, then the on-premise solution is the best option.

Still, puzzled about when and what to start with the document management system? With vast experience in developing customized and feature-rich solutions in Alfresco and Liferay platforms, ContCentric is ready to assist you. We have gained fame for providing enterprise-grade Just send us an email at hello@contcentric.com and our expert business consultants will get back to you soon!

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