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Who are the 2021’s Top 10 Dentists in Chennai for dental implants treatment?


Have you or your loved one lost a tooth in an injury or an accident? Is your mom losing teeth due to ageing? Do you know someone who suffers from tooth decay or any other periodontal disease? Well, extracted or missing teeth pose a lot of problems to people. They wear off the nearby teeth. So, are dentures and heavy bridges the only solution for missing teeth? Not at all. Dental implants have caused a dramatic change in the treatment process of the dental industry. Let us see more about dental implants and 2021’s top 10 dentists in Chennai in this article.

 Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots used in place of missing or removed natural tooth roots. They are nothing but, tiny posts made out of Titanium. These posts are fixed on the jaws into the gums, in place of the missing roots. They act as a foundation for artificial fixtures like artificial teeth or bridges. After a brief healing period, the artificial tooth (customised according to the individual’s tooth measurements and colour) is screwed to the post using a connector named an abutment. Local anaesthesia is used in case of any discomfort during the treatment. Normally one implant is needed in the case of a single missing tooth. But a bridge that replaces many teeth may require four to six implants to hold it tightly. The success rate of dental implants treatments is generally between 90 and 95% which is quite high when compared to other treatments.

 Advantages of Dental Implants

 There are many benefits in choosing a dental implants treatment.

· Comfortable and convenient

· Natural-looking Teeth

· Relatively painless

· Cost-effective

· Satisfying Warranty

· Durability

· Improved chewing of food

 The top 10 Best Dentists in Chennai in 2021

 The following are 2021’s top 10 best dentists in Chennai.

1) Kalaa Dental Care, Kodambakkam

2) Smile Garden dental care, Velachery

3) Regain Dental Care, Neelangarai

4) VSB Dental Clinic, Valasaravakkam

5) VK Dental Clinic, T. Nagar

6) H2 Dental Care, Anna Nagar

7) Smile Paradise, Adambakkam

8) White Pearl Dental Care, Mogappair

9) Dr Vel’s Dentistry, Perumbakkam

10) Senthil Dental Care and Implant Centre, Saligramam

 Kalaa Dental Care is considered one of 2021’s top 10 dentists in Chennai. The team of highly qualified and experienced professionals at Kalaa Dental Care provide personalised care and customised treatment to their patients. For more details visit their website

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