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Why are Wound Care Products Needed during Surgical Procedures?

The number of surgeries being performed across the globe has been rising at a swift pace. This can be primarily attributed to the surging prevalence of lifestyle-related and chronic diseases. Chronic diseases often lead to complications that cannot be taken care of just by using medication. In such cases, the patient needs to go through a surgical procedure in order to manage the condition. It is because of the increasing number of surgeries that the demand for wound care products is growing. 

During a surgical procedure, incisions are made on the body, which then lead to the formation of wound. Wound care products are used during and after surgical procedures for facilitating quick recovery and preventing infections. Other than surgical procedures, the increasing nuber of accidents are also driving the requirement for wound care products. 


Advanced would care products are further of three types, namely active wound care products, wound therapy devices, and advanced wound dressing. Between acute and chronic wounds, the demand for wound care products is predicted to increase significantly for chronic wounds. The number of road accidents is growing rapidly, and the people involved in accidents often get badly injured, thereby driving the need for different kinds of wound care products. 

Other than for surgical wounds, wound care products are also used for treating ulcer and burn wounds. The largest demand for wound care products was created for treating surgical wounds in the past and the situation is likely to be the same in the coming years as well. As mentioned above, the growing volume of surgeries is driving the demand for different kinds of wound care products. Geographically, North America emerged as the major wound care market in the past. 

The region is further expected to create the largest demand for wound care products in the near future, owing to the increasing aged population, rising number of road accidents, increasing burn cases, and growing number of diabetic patients in the region. Other than this, the demand for wound care products is also projected to increase in the Asia-Pacific region due to the rising prevalence of diabetes and increasing geriatric population. 

Source: P&S Intelligence

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