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Will beBee Lead the Race of Blogging Platforms?

Will beBee Lead the Race of Blogging Platforms?Yh ©

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beBee, an upcoming and emerging social platform for blogging is the best gift by its owners Javier 馃悵 beBeeand Juan Imaz, to the blog lovers across the globe. If still, you are stuck with any other prominent blogging or social networking platforms, it鈥檚 high time to come out and explore beBee which consists of too many useful hives (groups) and wonderful bees (members).

Blogging is the best tool for internet marketing and is one of the best-adopted strategies to bring in a huge traffic to your website. On beBee, you are most welcome to share your personal stories, professional experiences, interests, and hobbies, and to get connected with like-minded people.

With its huge reach and popularity, and being a bee on beBee, I personally believe that beBee will lead the race of blogging platforms,not just in Madrid but across the world.

I will put out certain reasons on why I believe in the above-mentioned statement:

  • Readership 鈥 beBee will increase your readership as well as keep you well engaged. By putting up an efficient blog article on beBee, you can increase the likes and comments, or shares. It is the best platform wherein your writing skills and your creativity will be highly appreciated.
  • SEO 鈥 beBee is the best tool to improve the SEO ranking of your website. You can prepare a well-drafted SEO article and post it on beBee. Depending on the quality of the post, within seconds, you can gain a wider publicity. beBee helps to provide a hyperlink, thus, redirecting the audience to the page that you want to display. You can easily find your beBee blog on Google if it is composed with effective and relevant keywords.
  • Improve Brand 鈥 As discussed, if you want to improve the reputation of your brand or if you want the audience to know about your existence, beBee is the best professional platform. No matter whether it鈥檚 your professional or personal brand, beBee is there to support you.
  • No Limit 鈥 A blogger generally never considers the word count. When you want to put across your thoughts in an excellent and unique way, words should never be a hindrance and beBee is aware of that fact. You can write as much as you want to write and post any number of blogs on beBee.
  • Connectivity 鈥 beBee welcomes you to a group of skilled and talented writers. You can easily connect with like-minded bees and acquire more knowledge and share your experience with them. Today, beBee is best known as a community of unique writers.
  • Affinity-based hives 鈥 There exists numerous affinity-based hives or groups on beBee. Once you post your article, you can easily share the article in any of the groups associated with the concept of your content. This will help you to attract a large number of the targeted audience. Thus, on a professional front, it can increase your sales and lead to the growth of your business.

beBee is an open network and it always encourages the concept of 鈥榝reedom to express your opinion鈥. It is one of the best user-friendly blogging platforms which is deviating millions of people from LinkedIn or other sites to use beBee.

Since the time I joined beBee, I have had a wonderful experience with this platform and it truly, encourages you to write better. Hoping to be a part of beBee forever!

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Meera 馃悵 Nair

4 years ago #9

Thank You :)

Meera 馃悵 Nair

4 years ago #8

Emily \ud83d\udc1d Datson Thank You :)

馃悵 Fatima G. Williams

4 years ago #7

Great buzz Meera be Bee always and keep buzzing. beBee is redefining the way we ise social media thanks to Javier and Juan and you've put out some fantastic facts here. Buzz on 馃馃悵馃

Meera 馃悵 Nair

4 years ago #4

Yes :)

Mohammed Abdul Jawad

4 years ago #3

Aha...Let's brace beBee to boost its brimming popularity! :)

Meera 馃悵 Nair

4 years ago #2

Javier \ud83d\udc1d beBee : I am sure we can definitely build up beBee into a stronger platform :)

Javier 馃悵 CR

4 years ago #1

Meera \ud83d\udc1d Nair thank you so much! Your recommendation is encouraging.

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