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You are stronger than you think....

You are stronger than you think...."You are stronger than you think" is what comes to my mind whenever I think of my late mother. I have shared this story with you all earlier and you can also  check the link at the end if you would like to read that.

11 years ago on this day my mother left this world.

Last year , I passed by the place where she was laid to rest which is far away from where we are currently put up.

As I stood praying, immersed in my thoughts my mind also drifted into a meditative state.

In that stillness, I was just observing my thoughts.Later I penned this poem as a dedication to her .

I am not good at poetry,{sorry about that If this has not come out well}

       Stopping by the place, where my mother was laid to rest
I did think of all those great moments together

And reassured myself , I will do all that is possible to make her proud; 

She might be watching me ; to send angel guardians to safeguard when needed

What life she would have thought for me?
She was a very caring mother

Did she know that I crossed many challenges?
Some of those she would have never thought that would come in my way!

And there many was laid to rest ..

But no other mortals around.

As I stood praying immersed in my thoughts ....

Heard a slight murmuring sound the wind brought in that resembled to my mother's sound.

 Was it that a figment of my imagination?

"You are stronger than you think". Please click here to read the article.

Would you like to know about this book. Please click here to check.

"Inspiration is the best gift that you can give someone...Thinking of those days...This article is very relevant even today..Thanks Everyone.

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