Anurag Maheshwari

Mumbai, Maharashtra

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engineering Freelancer

About me:

Anurag Maheshwari is a community-oriented change-maker with a holistic mindset believing in the superconscious responsibility to bring a change. He has worked in multiple industries and with a lot of passion for design, he has spent most of his time during his life improving his skills, exploring the end of his creativity and imagination, and learning as many different techniques as he can. 

He finds human interaction fascinating and enjoys exploring ways to perfect the synergy between the people and the everyday technology one uses. His goal is to help make impactful human-led decisions for new and existing products whilst collaborating with various teams to support the product life cycle. Through understanding fundamental user needs via research and analysis, he helps discover and deliver problem solving products in timely manners, using agile methodologies whilst pushing the status quo.


  1. Product Design from ISDI Parsons - Collaborated with The New School Parsons, New York (2016-2020)
  2. B A Sociology from University Of Mumbai (2016-2019)
  3. 5 + UI UX Certifications


As a Product/UI UX Designer allows me to build product models and to use knowledge of organizational psychology. I firmly believe in being a participating team member and meet regularly with other departments. My combined education and experience within the product design industry make me an excellent choice. I am very creative and knowledgeable about market desires and a user's needs. Companies can depend on my design skills to produce items people will choose over competitors' offerings.

I actively cross-pollinate ideas and experiences so as to enhance every design solution. I have been commended for delivering high-quality work on time, and for helping others on my team to do the same. At work, I am involved in creating visual designs that effectively communicate product function and brand identity. Throughout my career, I have been exposed to all aspects of the design process from the visualization of a client's idea tight through to its design for implementation. I have excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure while meeting tight deadlines.

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