Mohamed Salman Riyaz

Mohamed Salman Riyaz

Chennai, Chennai district

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About me:

I'm an CG Architect  Practicing 3D visual from the start of my career with Experience 7 year a wide range of interests in Architectural Design & Interior design, 3D Interactive visuals that plays a prominent role in the Architectural Industry and also interested in 4D and 5D of Building Information which is the complete Design Understanding. I conduct 3D visualization workshop, which has helped me to constantly grow and evolve. My dynamic approach and an adaptable mind has helped me to keep Learning more .   


I completed my Bachelor of Architecture from Measi Academy of Architecture in 2014 at chennai. As an CG Architect With Experience of 6+ yrs , I can implement Architectural concepts to 3D design innovative and ingenious products for consumers.


3D has inspired me from start of my career to dream and visualise the space in very technical aspect

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