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2 years ago

"P-P-C" As A Strategy For Business Owners/Startups Enthusiasts & Entrepreneurs!

Prakashan B.V · We are all living in a constantly changing environment. Both internal as well as external factors are rapidly (or more precisely unpredictably) changing. · Technology is changing rapidly. Disruptive innovation is the norm and order of the day. Keeping abreast with what is happeni ...

3 years ago

Beyond The Call Of Duty And More!

Prakashan B.V · (Please also read the note at the end as well for the background of this article!) · # My sister* is a talented personality who is adept in running home with great care. But beyond that she is much more passionate about her job than anyone else. In those days we lived in the vill ...

4 years ago

How Can You "Work Over Pressure" ?

Prakashan B.V · So ....What matters the most while performing under pressure? No one likes to get out of the comfort zone given an opportunity.But the reality is that often we are pushed beyond the boundaries of our comfort zone.Not only that, ironically, many a times upon the successful complet ...

5 years ago

You can't ignore these critical elements and succeed!

Prakashan B.V ·  From my observations & experience of over 25+ years in the industry (and various professional associations) I have come across 6 crucial steps that are critical elements for impressive professional success and worth emulating for a long term success  (No short cuts to success b ...

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