Graphic Designer - Kottayam, India - Blusteak Media

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    Hey, we're Blusteak Media.

    We're a young group of growth-hungry digitalists. And we're looking for more people for our tribe. We need people with marketing in their blood, who thrive on content. We're looking for someone who doesn't stop at hurdles; they find a way around it.

    With Blusteak, you will shape brands in the making. You'll fuel their spiraling growth. You'll also rollercoaster with established brands like Coinswitch Kuber, Dunkin' and Manappuram. Care n Cure, Marketfeed and Viacom are in our list of clienteles, too.

    You'll have the autonomy to complete your tasks the way you want. You'll get the liberty to contribute your ideas. And you can learn everything about every process you want.

    So, put your train of thought on track and join us. Let's grow businesses, digitally.

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    Job Responsibilities

    • Turning client's ideas into sassy visuals
    • Hooking people with interactive design
    • Throwing obsolete designs out of window
    • Pitching in new design ideas and concepts
    • Drafting playful social media graphics
    • Filling colours in ad campaign designs
    • Designing photogenic websites and posters

    Required Skills:

    • Creative with colours
    • Attentive to details
    • Excellent at designing
    • Master of graphic editing
    • Addicted to pixel perfection
    • Updated with industry trends
    • Good with cost management
    • Adheres to deadlines
    • Organises skilfully

    Experience: 6 months to 1 year

    Salary: Negotiable