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    • Minimum 12 years of relevant experience in Communications Marketing or related fields.
    • Strong communication skills, including active listening, and the ability to persuade and negotiate.
    • Confidence in presenting ideas and providing counsel to internal and external audiences.
    • Strong problemsolving and analytical skills.
    • Ability to manage competing interests.
    • High emotional intelligence, good judgment, and a willingness to take risks.
    • Forwardthinking with the ability to learn and build from experience.
    • Understanding of industry specialty areas and roles.

    Responsibilities & Expectations:

    • Create comprehensive programs considering a variety of platforms, channels, and audiences.
    • Identify and understand business problems that clients aim to solve, ensuring clarity within the team.
    • Maintain a deep understanding of clients' businesses, priorities, pain points, and competitive landscape.
    • Stay knowledgeable about markets, sectors, and channels relevant to clients' operations, addressing knowledge gaps for self and team.
    • Anticipate future trends and opportunities, assisting clients in staying ahead of issues.
    • Demonstrate empathy for clients, understanding their mindset, challenges, and barriers to success.
    • Balance the needs of the client and the firm, evolving and protecting clients' interests.
    • Deliver integrated thinking rooted in insights.
    • Delineate team roles and manage intrateam conflict.
    • Hold self and the team accountable for performance, compliance, and ethical business conduct.
    • Leverage resources effectively, serving as a client advocate within Edelman.
    • Facilitate proper expertise against client needs and mentor junior and midlevel staff.
    • Prioritize growth of self and direct reports, creating a climate that encourages excellence, courage, and integrity.
    • Support leadership's vision of possibilities and direction, implementing initiatives for positive change.
    • Participate in client relationship mapping and development across a portfolio.
    • Actively listen, ask smart questions, and engage in honest, ongoing dialogue.
    • Identify and acknowledge problems, offer solutions, and coursecorrect as needed.
    • Measure progress and report results based on agreedupon metrics and business goals.
    • Manage and monitor client relationships using formal and informal tools and touchpoints.
    • Navigate conflicts with other businesses and escalate client problems and opportunities to Edelman senior leadership.
    • Participate in client budget management and forecasting, proactively addressing changes in scope and delays in client invoice payment.
    • Bring in new capabilities against client needs.
    • Participate in the full new business process and contribute to the development of new products, services, and thought leadership materials.

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