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Anjali Sharma

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Anjali Sharma

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Full time ₹30,000 - ₹80,000 per year Scientific


  • Monitor and manage the health of aquatic ecosystems, including lakes, rivers, and wetlands.
  • Collect water and biological samples to test for environmental parameters and pollutants.
  • Implement conservation and restoration projects to support biodiversity and water quality.
  • Educate the community about aquatic conservation efforts and sustainable practices.


  • Degree in Environmental Science, Marine Biology, or a related field.
  • Experience with water quality testing and analysis.
  • Strong swimming skills and comfort working in and around water.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with the public and work in diverse team environments.


  • Competitive salary with benefits package including health insurance.
  • Opportunities for career advancement and continued education in environmental conservation.
  • Working in diverse outdoor environments and contributing to meaningful ecological preservation.
  • Participation in community outreach and education initiatives.

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