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Interactive Dashboard: Powerful Production Dashboard for Manufacturers

Interactive Dashboard: Powerful Production Dashboard for Manufacturers

Complex data creates confusion. Manufacturers are adopting data visualization tools like interactive dashboards to sieve out granular insights from massive datasets. A consolidated view of key business metrics helps to optimize processes, performance, and efficiency. 

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1 week ago

How Visual Configurators Simplify Custom Product Manufacturing

Hiral Patel · Despite the widespread popularity of custom products, there are multiple drawbacks that they bring to the table. And manufacturers are left with endless delays and uncertainties. Visual product configurators bridge the gap between the sales team and the customers to keep manufact ...

1 month ago

4 ways MEP BIM services can boost productivity of HVAC contractors

Hiral Patel · Improvements in field operations through accurate HVAC fabrication and onsite installation require pre-emptive BIM solutions. MEP BIM services provide highly accurate virtual models of new HVAC systems and existing HVAC systems in renovation projects. It also helps in reducing re ...

1 month ago

CAD Outsourcing Services: A Good Option for Manufacturing Companies

Hiral Patel · CAD drafting offers a variety of benefits in terms of precision, accuracy, reduced time, and efficient project management. But for manufacturing companies, it is a huge hassle to hire skilled CAD drafters in-house due to the rise in infrastructural costs and other factors. · Henc ...

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1 year ago · 2 min. reading time

Conserving and improving the creativity of architectural design was an essential element for a publi ...

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3 years ago

Jyotirmay Samanta

What to keep in mind before custom developing a web scraper?

Every business in some way or the other depends on data to help them make decisions. This is a data-driven world and businesses needs to be constantly vigilant and updated with the data. If businesses can process the right data at the right time in an ethical and efficient manner ...

1 year ago

pandit lkswami

Post from pandit lkswami

Love Marriage Vashikaran Specialist meets with the best specialist and gets security and privacy of your data. We provide 100% guaranteed and instant solutions. ·  

5 months ago

Nikunj Gundaniya

Strengthening data and payment processing security with Tokenization Technology

A secure financial system is one that does what it is supposed to. And it is supposed to empower all stakeholders and ensure a secure and seamless environment for digital payments.

4 months ago

Dipesh Jadhav

World is using Graph API, where are you?

How to use Microsoft Graph to connect all the data in Microsoft 365 · Microsoft Graph converts disparate information throughout Microsoft 365 into correlated data that can be queried, visualized, and acted upon. · https://techgenix.com/how-to-use-microsoft-graph/ · #GraphAPI #Mic ...

1 year ago

Sanky Hule

Post from Sanky Hule

Uses and Advantages of ASTM A106 Gr C Pipe · Uses and Advantages of ASTM A106 Gr C Pipe, explained. These pipes are extremely strong, resist corrosion, are capable of handling high pressure and can even perform best at high temperatures. ASTM A106 Grade C Pipe is an excellent cho ...

1 year ago

Jaga Salai

Post from Jaga Salai

Stay away from Thyroid.  · Be in touch with your physician and start taking care of your health by proper diet and exercises.  · How to get rid of thyroid naturally | Diet for thyroid patients - Yethai Tea · This video tells about the diet for thyroid, how to control it naturally ...

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